Redken Pillow Proof Primer: Our Favourite Beauty Hack

Redken Pillow Proof Primer: Our Favourite Beauty Hack

Redken Pillow Proof Primer: Our Favourite Beauty Hack

We throw a lot at our hair - from straighteners, hair dryers, to chemical treatments/dyes and exposure from the sun. When you’re busy, keeping your hair looking fresh and gorgeous is always a challenge. While a girl can dream, visiting the salon to touch up your blow-out is far from realistic.

Which is why we’re always on the hunt for the best hair products that will not only extend the life of our hair styles, but protect our hair from being ‘singed’ - and we’ve found it. Introducing the Redken Pillow Proof Primer, a priming cream that goes beyond reducing flyaways and frizz. A primer that does it all, the Redken Pillow Proof Primer cuts down on drying time, protects from heat styling and maintains your hairdo for days.

Want to learn more about this must-have product? Keep reading and see how you can get your own (for free) at the end!

What makes the Redken Pillow Proof Primer different?

We’re so glad you asked. The Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Treatment Primer is your new holy grail for creating salon-worthy blowouts. So good, in fact, that it won a spot on the Self 2016 Beauty Awards.

When it comes to describing all of the amazing things this primer does, the name says it all: it is specifically formulated to prime your hair and make blow drying your hair a breeze. Featuring an anti-breakage formula, this primer protects from heat up to 450 degrees fahrenheit (230 degrees celsius) and is incredibly nourishing. Since it cuts down your blow drying time too, you can get out of the house faster in the morning and get in a little extra shuteye.

The Redken Pillow Proof Primer is ideal for all hair types, especially dry, thick or coarse hair. The cream also gives 24-hour lasting volume without weighing hair down and doesn’t leave any sticky residue behind (a big hair concern for all our thin-haired girls out there). Plus, it blends in perfectly when you work it through your hair!

It is also one of the best multi-tasking hair treatments around. After using the primer cream, your hair is left 3x stronger and healthier. With so many amazing ingredients packed inside this cream, your hair is left feeling silky soft and protected from any breakage. You can see why this primer cream is much more than just a heat protecting spray!


How to use it

Using the Redken Pillow Proof Primer Cream is super simple. Just follow these 4 steps to get your hair primed and ready for heat styling:

  1. Pump the bottle to dispense the product.
  2. Using your fingers, work the cream evenly through your damp hair. If you have damaged or chemically treated hair, ensure the primer cream coats the ends of your hair, 
  3. Comb through to remove any excess product if needed.
  4. Follow with Redken hair styling products and style as desired.

    Pair it with these other Redken hair products

    It’s no surprise we love Redken - their hair products are top of the range and leave your hair always feeling salon-fresh. Which is why we’re super excited to share even more fabulous products with you (that go perfectly with the Redken Pillow Proof Primer cream by the way).

    Color Extend Blondage Express Anti-Brass Mask

    Hate seeing those pesky yellow or brassy undertones in your blonde hair? You can say goodbye to them forever with Redken’s anti-brass mask. Featuring a powerful toning formula, this pigmented purple mask helps to correct and neutralise unwanted undertones in just 5 minutes. Not to mention, it’ll also hydrate your blonde hair, and keep it looking cool, bright and healthy.

    How to use it:

    1. After shampooing, work the mask through your hair, focusing on the ends and the mid-lengths and avoiding the scalp area. Comb through for even distribution.
    2. Leave on for 5-10 minutes, depending on your needs.
    3. Rinse thoroughly.
    4. Use the mask in place of your purple conditioner once a week (or more if needed).

    Quick tip:

    When using purple pigmented hair products, gloves are always a good idea - especially to avoid getting Violet Beauregarde-looking hands. But if you do get stained hands, we’ve got you covered with our blog on how to avoid purple stains.



    Extreme Play Safe

    Protect and restore your heat-damaged hair with Redken’s Extreme Play Safe - an essential 3-in-1 leave-in treatment. Formulated with plant protein and tourmaline, this hair treatment reduces the damage caused by hot hair appliances and protects hair from up to 230 degrees celsius. Not to mention, it strengthens the hair fibre to reduce future breakage, and visibly reduces the appearance of split ends by 70%.

    How to use it:

    1. Shampoo and condition your hair, and gently towel dry it.
    2. Apply a dime-sized amount of Extreme Play Safe to your damp hair, concentrating on fragile or damaged mid-lengths and ends. Ensure it is spread evenly throughout your hair, and comb through with a wide tooth comb if needed.
    3. Leave the product in and don’t rinse.
    4. Heat style hair as usual.



    So, what could be better than the Redken Pillow Proof Primer? Getting one for free of course! Today is your lucky day, because we’re giving away this blow dry primer heat protectant with all orders over $99. You won’t want to miss out on this deal, so get shopping at Oz Hair & Beauty and bag yourself some of these Redken goodies.

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