Your New Go-to Heat Protection Spray

Your New Go-to Heat Protection Spray

Your New Go-to Heat Protection Spray

Sorry to break it to you, but styling your hair on the daily with hair appliances isn’t actually good for your hair. Without proper care, you can suffer from brittleness, split ends, dryness and some serious damage.

This is where heat protection sprays come in, especially the Alfaparf heat protector. While this heat protection spray can’t reverse what’s already been done, it does a pretty darn good job at preventing any future breakage or damage to your hair. But, if your locks are in desperate need of some TLC right now, we’ve got some amazing hair care products down below for you too.

So, whether you’re in denial about hot tools damaging your hair or you have no idea where to start when it comes to heat protection sprays, don’t worry - Alfaparf Milano is here for you. Read on to see how you can bag yourself some freebies too.

Why your hair needs a heat protection spray

We already mentioned how hair appliances, like hair straighteners and blow dryers, can wreak havoc on your hair - especially if they’re used too often or incorrectly. But what do they actually do to your hair?

Dry it out

Excessive heat, in the form of hot tools, can suck the moisture out of your hair. Like your skin, your hair needs this moisture to stay hydrated, elastic and nourished. Without it, your cuticles start to dry and snap off, and those pesky split ends start to take up permanent residence.

Burn it

If you’ve ever tried to straighten your hair when it’s still a little wet, you would have heard that distinctive sizzle noise (you know the one). Well, when you do this, you’re literally boiling your hair from the outside. The same goes with blow drying. You should be letting your hair air dry as long as possible, otherwise you’re spending more time blow drying your hair than you need to - causing extra stress on your hair.




At the end of the day, the hair shaft is super delicate, and it needs to be looked after. When you use a heat protection spray, you’re adding a protective barrier over the cuticle and saving yourself from a lot of future hair damage.

The Alfaparf heat protector

Offering a thermo-active shield, the Alfaparf Style Stories Thermal Protector protects the hair fiber so you don’t have to say goodbye to your styling tools. Think of it like the sunscreen you use on your face and body!

This heat protectant comes from Alfaparf Milano’s Style Stories range - a range that lets you tackle every occasion with the right style. The spray itself is incredibly ultra-fine, so when it mists over your hair, it doesn’t leave any sticky residue or product buildup. It also has a light, refreshing fragrance.

Featuring dry spray technology, the Alfaparf heat protector doesn’t leave your hair feeling wet when you spray it on your hair (like some other heat protectants do)! But it does trap the moisture in your hair, which makes your hair less porous and prone to frizz, as well as more manageable! What’s not to love?

How to use the Alfaparf heat protection spray

The Alfaparf Style Stories Thermal Protector is super easy to use. After you’ve washed your hair, allow it to slightly air dry (so it’s damp). You don’t want to blow dry or style your hair when it’s soaking wet.

Part your hair into three big sections. Spritz each section carefully with the heat protection spray. Make sure you hold the spray about 15cm away from your hair. Then, lightly comb through your hair to ensure the product is evenly distributed.

If you’ve got second or even third day hair, and want to run your straightener through it, then simply spray the heat protectant onto your dry hair!

What other Alfaparf Milano products can I use it with?

To get the full Alfaparf Milano experience, we recommend adding some of their shampoos, treatments and masks to your routine.

If you’re struggling with dry and damaged hair, the Alfaparf Milano Semi Di Lino Reconstruction Reparative Duo is going to be your new best friend. Formulated to gently cleanse and promote the reconstruction process of the hair fibre, this duo restores the strength and elasticity to your hair.

To add back the shine to your hair, you’ll want to look to the Semi Di Lino Sublime Cristalli Liquidi. With linseed oil and vitamin E, this hair treatment makes your hair silky smooth while fighting humidity and dryness.



Want to get your hands on the Alfaparf heat protector? To help you style your hair with confidence (and without heat damage), we’re giving away an Alfaparf Style Stories Thermal Protector when you purchase two Alfaparf Milano products!

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