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Getting salon quality nail care doesn’t have to cost you a bundle.  At Oz Hair & Beauty we have all the tools the professionals use available for the best possible price so that you can make you next DIY manicure a luxurious experience.

We have a large range of precise nail clippers and scissors that allow you to keep your growth in check without sacrificing options in shape and style. Whether you prefer your nails cut short or shaped in mountain style, almond or stiletto, our range of clippers put premium salon quality in your pocket or makeup bag.

When it comes to healthy fingernails nothing is more important than proper cuticle care. Our affordable range of tools can keep your cuticles looking beautiful day in and day out. 

Are you starting to build your home salon from scratch? Oz Hair & Beauty has full manicure sets available that will get you on the path to stunning fingernails.  Beauty is all about the details and with the range of tools we have available nothing you do will go unnoticed.

Shop Oz Hair & Beauty’s range of nail care products online today.