Tuesday the 20/03/2018 at 12pm, we will be releasing our Oz Hair and Beauty Easter Egg Products, which will be hidden throughout our website's product categories or brand page. Each Oz Hair and Beauty Egg Product will reveal in the description a coupon code that will give you a % off your Haircare or Beauty as stated on the Oz Hair and Beauty Egg. THESE APPLY ONLY TO HAIR CARE AND BEAUTY ITEMS. The following Oz Hair and Beauty Eggs will have the stated amount of Coupon code usages:


  • 5% off egg coupon code = 100 times ( 1 per customer )

  • 10% off egg coupon code =  60 Times ( 1 per customer )

  • 15% off egg coupon code = 40 Times ( 1 per customer )

  • 20% off egg coupon code = 15 Times ( 1 per customer ) 


 Only one coupon code is used per order. Please ignore the price of the Oz Hair and Beauty Egg, these do not need to be purchased, just pay attention to the product description revealing the coupon code.

Happy Hunting!