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Black Chicken Remedies Pyramedial Lavender Pouch

Why this lavender pouch is the perfect gift for Mum this Mother's Day

Give your mum the greatest gift of all this Mother’s Day, with the gift of hair, beauty and SLEEP! Go beyond haircare and beauty tools, and give her something she can cherish for a lifetime. We all know how much our Mums do for us, and with so much on her mind day in and day out, sleep can be hard to come by. So, to show Mums how much we care this Mother’s Day, we’re giving away a Black Chicken Pyramedial Lavender Pouch with all orders over $79.99.

These little sachet bags of goodness are filled with dried lavender buds offering the universal scent of sleep. With a soothing reputation, research has shown lavender to be an effective natural sleep remedy, helping us relax, unwind, let go of stress and get some quality shut-eye.



Pyramedial lavender pouch - a natural sleep aid

Black Chicken Remedies deliver concoctions of therapeutic botanicals and organic goodness that benefits the skin and hair of thousands across the nation, yet who knew that the secret to a good night's rest laid in a pyramid shaped lavender pouch?

The soothing nature of lavender has been understood for years, however let’s discuss why it’s important that these dried flowers are encased in a pyramid.

For centuries the pyramid has been a symbol of life force energy, resonating with the earth’s magnetic field. Ancient cultures believe its power attracts positive etheric energy and converts negativity, making it a powerful healing tool. Today the pyramid is used in natural healing to promote creativity, focus, health and better sleep. Now combine this with the purest of lavender - the natural scent of sleep that relieves stress and insomnia and you’ve got yourself some mighty pyramid power.

Simply place your lavender pouch beside your bed or between your pillows and let the aromatic scent of sleep ease you into the deepest, most relaxing sleep you have ever had.



The gift of hair, beauty and SLEEP

Now going back to our beautiful mumma bears, if all of the above is not something that she deserves then we don’t know what else is. This Mother’s Day why not put together the ultimate care package, filled with her favourite hair care products, skincare products and maybe even some new makeup? Plus when you spend $79.99 you can top it all off with the addition of a delightfully aromatic Black Chicken Pyramedial Lavender Pouch for free!

With the gift of hair, beauty and sleep, your Mum can treat herself to some pampering and self care followed by many nights of sweet, dreamy sleep!

Black Chicken have a host of other natural remedies and beauty products that your mum will love all available at Oz Hair & Beauty - we particularly love the Natural Deodorant Paste and the Love Your Face Serum. Browse the full Black Chicken Remedies range online today and receive the gift of sleep in a lavender pouch when you spend $79.99 this Mother’s Day.

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Rebekah Chetcuti on April 29, 2019