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Coachella hair and makeup trends pastel pink hair, glitter makeup, braided hair

Coachella hair and makeup trends to inspire your next festival looks

While some of you guys were lucky enough to be there in person for the first weekend of Coachella, most of us simply had to watch from home and through the endless Instagram stories. Fortunately though, the ‘gram also featured all the best Coachella hair and makeup trends, which has really gotten us inspired for our own music festival looks.

From what we’ve gathered over the first weekend of the popular music festival is that glitter and braids are still in. There hasn’t been a flower crown in sight and people are moving away from the boho look that has dominated the festival for years.

As a hair and beauty destination, we’ve done the hard work (and homework) to round up some of the biggest hair and makeup trends to come out of Coachella this year. We’ve even broken them down into product suggestions and easy ways to incorporate them into your own look as well. Keep reading to get educated on these trends - and you can thank us later.

Top 5 Coachella hair and makeup trends for 2019


1. I’m Mr Bright… Eyeshadow

2019 has seen us re-embrace fluoro as a colour option and it’s made its way into makeup too. During weekend 1 of Coachella, we noticed a lot of coloured eyeshadow. And no, not the bad 80s kind.

Orange, blue and green were among the favourites that were gracing the eyelids of our favourite celebrities. If you can’t bring yourself to use these far from neutral colour options on your eyes, a good option to ease yourself into it is to use a coloured eye pencil. We love the Eye of Horus Goddess Pencil in Teal Malochite for its bright and on-trend colour but also for its creaminess - making it perfect to line along the lash line and brush up/out using a blending brush. This creates a subtle look like the magic that Mary Phillips has worked on Kendall Jenner (pictured below)



An alternative to a full bright eyeshadow look is a bright eyeliner. It’s still punchy but not as full on. Fashion influencer, Aimee Song was the perfect poster girl for a blue liner over the weekend in Palm Springs and we’re so inspired to try it ourselves with Youngblood’s Eye-Amazing Liquid Liner Pen in Azul.



Tip: the key to this look - and any eyeshadow look, really - is an eye primer. It not only preps your eye area by hydrating it and correcting any discolourations, it also locks your eyeshadow in and prevents any creases.

2. Pastel hair, don’t care

We’ve been talking about pastel hair for ages now but it’s still going strong, especially on the festival scene. Arguably the queen of pastel and colourful wigs, Kylie Jenner, opted for a more natural hair look this year but there were definitely some ladies who were taking inspiration from the young billionaire’s previous looks.

Pink was definitely the go-to hair colour this year at the festival with many ladies opting to fully transform their hair for the weekend. While others looked back to the 90s and turned only a few strands of hair a different colour to create a fun contrast.

If you’re looking to achieve this at home, Muvo Ultra Rose Shampoo is the easiest way to get yourself some pastel pink hair. If you didn’t read our original blog on this fun little shampoo, essentially it gives those with blonde and highlighted locks a chance to give their hair a candy pink injection. The longer you leave the shampoo in, the brighter the pink you get. They also have a great purple shampoo to help tone your blonde locks before you put colour in them as well.



For those looking for an even more temporary touch, Joico Instatint Temporary Colour Shimmer Spray is the answer to your prayers. All you need to do is spray it into your hair - as little or as much as you want - then wash it out when you’ve had enough. This one works for all hair colours because it is a surface spray and with so many colours to choose from, you’ll be music festival ready in no time. We’re particularly loving ‘Mermaid’.



3. All that glitters IS actually gold

Will we ever see the end of glitter at music festivals? Probably not… Especially now that it’s permeated our everyday beauty looks as well. Even if you’re not usually a glitter gal, it’s still fun to get your sparkle on at festivals.

There’s the option to go all out with full glitter shadow and shimmery makeup - but we prefer picking one area to focus on. So if you’re doing glitter eyes, make that the statement and keep the rest of your makeup minimal - think a fresh dewy base and nude lips. When it comes to any eyeshadow, make sure you use an eye primer - the elf Cosmetics Glitter Primer was made to hold glitter eyeshadows in place. If you want something more toned down but still bold, try a shimmery option like the INC.redible You Glow Girl Iridescent Jelly in Flocking Fabulous then place some fun face jewels around your eye and temple area.



If you really want to make a statement, you can do glitter lips. INC.redible have a great range of lip products like their Shook To The Core Full Impact Metallic Lip Gloss, Lip Trippin Iridescent Strobe Lipstick or Foiling Around Metallic Lip Paint that will really give you the perfect Coachella-inspired makeup look. Or you can simply add a slick of their In A Dream World Iridescent Lip Gloss in Mermaid over your favourite nude lipstick.

Glitter is also really popular as a finishing touch for festival hair looks. The Joico Gold Dust Shimmer Finishing Spray is perfect for finishing off your festival braids - read more about that below - or soft beach waves. It gives you a dusting of gold glitter than will gleam in the sun and even provides light hold.

4. The braid-y bunch

We haven’t seen these many braids since we were in primary school! It was the hairstyle of choice at this year’s desert-based festival - but there were so many variations of it.

With fashion trends at Coachella moving away slightly from the whole boho-inspired  vibe to more of a 90s hip hop feel, the hair - and especially the braids - also matched the look. We saw a lot of throwback vibes to the days where we used add just one or two small braids to our straight hair or in a 2019 updated version, a single braid in amongst soft waves. See hair stylist Alex Brown’s take on Negin Mirsalehi below.



We also saw great examples of the pastel hair and braids trends working together for the ultimate head turning look. There were statement braids that were dyed different colours, and we particularly loved the top knots and high ponies that incorporated braids into the mix. Not only does it add a little twist to your average hairstyle, it also gives your hair more hold as well.



We also got a mashup of the braids and the bright eyeshadow trend too:



5. Hair clips are the new black

We’ve really, really, REALLY been loving hair clips lately. It’s definitely 2019’s hair trend. Whether you’re rocking straight hair or waves, up or down hair - the right hair accessories will add a little fun oomph to the whole look.

The ladies of Coachella - or should we say the hair stylists behind the Coachella looks - have also really been embracing the clips. From statement pearl-encrusted ones to clips that spell exactly how you’re feeling right through to nostalgic butterfly clips - this look below on Rocky Barnes by Justine Marjan has been one of our favourites so fair.



In honour of this massive hair trend, we’re going to breakdown three easy ways you can wear clips to the next music festival - or even this weekend.

1. Straight: Prep your hair with Moroccanoil Perfect Defense Spray, straighten with ghd Original Professional Hair Straightener. Then use the end of Evo Truman Tail Comb to section your hair into a side split. Spritz Evo Love Touch Shine Spray on your hair and comb it flat. Use statement clips of choice and clip down on the ‘fringe’ side of your hair.



2. Wavy: Coat your hair in the Perfect Defense Spray then create your waves with either a Cloud 9 Curling Wand - have a read of how to get the perfect curls with Cloud Nine - or you can also use a straightener to create the perfect waves too. Use the tail comb to split your hair down the middle and use your clips of choice to slip down on both sides at about temple height. Give the ends of your waves a final spritz of Kevin Murphy’s Bedroom Hair for a ‘lived-in’ look.



3. Up-do: Either wave or straighten your hair based on the above, then secure it into a high pony or top knot using Evo Mister Fantastic Hair Bungee. Loosen hair strands around the crown of your hair to give it some texture.  Place clip on either side of hair if you have a middle or side slip in the up do. Otherwise, place clips at the back of the head, in line with your neck.



With a host of Australian music festivals just around the corner, we hope this guide to our favourite Coachella hair and makeup looks have given you inspiration. Shop all the products above, more makeup and styling products on Oz Hair & Beauty with Afterpay today.

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Tammy Tu on April 16, 2019