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The foolproof straightener that will give you smooth, sleek hair every single time

It’s a habit many of us are guilty of. Cranking the straightener up to the hottest temperature it can go – because the hotter it is means smoother hair and a faster process right? Wrong. In fact, it’s doing pretty much the exact opposite.

While some stylers can go up to 230 degrees, you’re in danger of weakening your hair, and at worst quite literally melting it. Once you go past about 185 degrees, you’re actually getting no added benefit - just extra heat damage to your poor, innocent hair.

Fortunately, there’s now a tool to make sure that doesn’t happen anymore (hear that? It’s your hair cheering in celebration.)

The new ghd platinum + styler is the world’s first predictive styling wand. It won’t tell you this week’s lottery numbers but it can predict your hair needs as you use it. How? It senses whether you have thick or thin hair, how much of it you’re styling at a time and then adapts its temperature to ensure it’s using the optimum styling temperature. The heat is monitored a whopping 250 times per second to make sure it’s constantly at 185 degrees - the optimum styling temperature to maintain the healthiness of your hair.

The result is sleeker and smoother hair, faster (and a firm goodbye to that smell of singed hair!) This wand heats hair enough to style, but not enough to cook it like other heat stylers.

Its modern and sleek design means it’s easy to put away or pack for travelling. The round barrel allows you to style your hair straight or curly without worrying about snagging, and the super quick heat up time means it’s ready to start styling in just 20 seconds. Yep, that’s almost less time than it will take you to get to the end of this sentence. Impressive, hey?

Even better, the precision milled plates with ultra-gloss coating give you instant frizz-free style and up to 20 per cent more shine. Winning.

Hot tip: Pair with ghd Unplugged Heat Protect Spray for great looking and well-protected hair. It’s super lightweight and can be used on damp or dry hair.

posted by

Brittany Stewart on September 05, 2018