Hair Texturising Spray vs Hair Smoothing Spray

Hair Texturising Spray vs Hair Smoothing Spray

Hair Texturising Spray vs Hair Smoothing Spray

Whether you prefer your hair smooth or textured, you can achieve your desired style with the Goldwell Kerasilk Smoothing or Hair Texturising spray. Often when trying to get that sleek, smooth look we rely on the hair straightener to do all the hard work. And when it comes to adding texture, we reach for the curling iron along with some hefty teasing action. However, while these hair appliances are important tools in the process, the ultimate smooth or textured style usually needs the help of some trusty hair styling products.

Smooth versus textured hair are two very different styles and call for a variety of hair dos - it all depends on the look you’re going for on the day! But with the right technique, you can achieve all the texture or all the smoothness you want in your hair.

Today we’re going to take you through some iconic smooth and textured styles and how to get them using the Goldwell hair smoothing and hair texturising sprays.

Give me texture

If texture is what you’re looking for in your hair style, then the Goldwell Kerasilk Style Texturizing Finish Spray is what you need. By adding texture to your hair, you’re accentuating your hair’s natural shape, while creating some extra grit and character in the way your fair falls. Texture is also associated with volume, so this is a great technique for anyone who loves big curls, loose waves and not so flat straight looks.

The Goldwell Texturizing hair spray offers a flexible, weightless hold in your hair while keeping that silky feel. While working to add both texture and a weightless hold, this haircare product also acts as a heat protectant making it the perfect addition to anyone's bathroom cabinet.

How to use:

  1. Apply your hair texturising spray to towel dried hair as a heat style foundation.
  2. Spray throughout your hair from your mid lengths and distribute evenly with your fingers.
  3. Apply on dry hair as a finishing spray after styling.
  4. Simply spray at the roots and mid lengths; lift chunks of hair up to get texture throughout and leave to air dry and settle.
  5. Hair texturising spray can also be applied throughout the day for restyling or on second day hair (along with some dry shampoo) to revive your style.

When to use hair texturising sprays

Fine hair

Dry texture sprays are a great way to create volume in fine hair. No matter the style you’re going for, a few sprays of the Goldwell Kerasilk hair texturising spray will work to create the dimension that your natural hair lacks. This is also an important first step to protect hair from any heat styling.


Define your curls and turn up the volume in your hair. Hair texturising spray and voluminous curls go hand in hand. Spray before your blow dry to harness that volume, then define with your curler or straightener and finish with a few extra spritz of the texturising spray.

Messy bun

If you haven’t yet mastered the messy bun, then we hope this technique will help. Before attempting the up do, start by spraying some texture spray in towel dried hair, then give your hair a blowout. To get that real messy look, flip your hair upside down and angle the blow dryer in various directions. This technique will give your hair texture on it’s own. Finish with some additional sprays of the Goldwell Kerasilk spray and then get into the up do and watch the perfect messy bun form before your eyes.

Hair texturising spray for messy buns

Sleek and smooth

When it comes to sleek anti frizz styles, look no further than the Goldwell Kerasilk Style Smoothing Sleek Spray. Whether your goal is to simply defy your hairs natural frizz or to accentuate that smooth finish, Goldwell has your back. This hair smoothing spray gives you an amazingly sleek finish with a weightless, silky touch. Acting as a heat protector, the Goldwell smoothing spray will also help speed up straightening time while smoothing out flyaways in the process.

How to use:

  1. Spray on dry hair before heat styling.
  2. After heat styling, spray 1-2 spritz in hands and apply to any areas where extra smoothness is needed, e.g. to tame flyaways.

When to use hair smoothing sprays

Reduce frizz

Another incredible use for the Goldwell Kerasilk hair smoothing spray is using it as your frizz fighting sidekick. No matter how much heat styling or hair spray we apply, hair just continues to defy gravity, springing up and holding us back from achieving that sleek look we want. From a curled look to your natural style, the touch of some hair smoothing spray can do wonders to your hair. At the end of any style or after letting hair air dry, spray 2-3 spritz throughout your hair and say goodbye to frizz! This will also work as a shine spray giving your hair a natural radiance.

Straight hair

When we think of a sleek style, straight dos instantly come to mind. While a hair straightener will do 95% of the work, applying a hair smoothing spray will take care of that final 5%, taking your hair from plain straight to oh so sleek. After running the flat iron through your hair, simply spritz a few light sprays around your hair and smooth out with your hands for a sleek straight look like you’ve never seen before.

Sleek ponytail

Everyone loves a good ponytail from time to time. But to take that pony from school girl to sass queen, you need a touch of sleek. A sleek ponytail is all about zero frizz and all the hair shine. Start by straightening as usual, then pull hair tight behind the ears into a low ponytail. To collect all the hair strands, use a teasing brush with a few spritz of the hair smoothing spray, then reapply for final touch ups and finish with some high hold hairspray.

Hair smoothing spray for sleek ponytails

So which style are you gonna try next? No matter what you decide, Goldwell have the styling products you need to achieve your desired style. For a limited time here at Oz Hair & Beauty, we are giving away a free mini Goldwell Kerasilk Smooth Sleek Spray or Texturise Finish Spray with all orders over $79. In the meantime, shop the entire Goldwell collection online today. And don’t forget you can buy now and pay later with Afterpay!

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