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How to perfect an at-home mani: Tips & tricks from the pros at essie

Living the lockdown life is starting to mean our nails are in desperate need of some attention and love. So take this as your sign to brush up on your at-home mani skills. 


But if you’re anything like me, and quite clueless when it comes to nail care, don’t sweat it. We’ve chatted with the pros at international best selling nail brand, essie, for their top tips and tricks when it comes to perfecting at-home manis! 


Step 1: Remove nail polish, cleanse & sanitise hands

What you’ll need: Acetone or non-acetone nail polish, cotton balls or pads, soap and water.

The key to a long-lasting mani is ensuring you start off with a clean base. You have to fully strip the nails of any oils or nail polish with your choice of nail polish remover. Next wash your hands with soap and water to start with a clean canvas!

Step 2: Prep nails

What you need: Nail clipper, nail file, nail buffing block, essie apricot cuticle oil, cuticle pusher, base coat.

Use a nail clipper or nail file to shorten nails and a nail buffing block to create a smooth surface. Apply essie apricot cuticle oil to soften your cuticles so you can gently push any overgrown cuticle back into place, and finish with a layer of essie all-in-one as a base coat too.

PRO TIP: Struggling to find the right shape for your nails? The easiest way to find the strongest, most flattering nail shape for you is to mirror the shape of your cuticles. If you have a curved cuticle, try an oval or rounded nail shade. If your cuticles are straight, opt for a square or squoval. 

Step 3: Choose your colour

Now for the fun part! Are you a neutral or a colour gal? Either way, choose from essie’s diverse range of salon-quality original shades. 

Once you have decided your colour, apply two coats of nail colour, giving a little room to dry in between before applying your second coat. Steady your hand by keeping both of your elbows on the table. For beginners, it’s helpful to begin with the hand you’re least comfortable with to ensure a less-than shaky start. 

PRO TIP: How to choose the right essie colour for you:

  • Original essie - glossy, salon-quality polish in a wide variety of chic and fun shades

  • Expressie - quick dry for a 1-minute mani, for when you’re running late or need to run out the door. features a unique angled-brush which allows for an easy application on both hands

  • Gel Couture - for an at-home DIY gel mani that lasts up to 12-days…no lamp required! Ultra glossy, rich, streak-free colour that’s shatter proof and long wearing. Works as a 2-step system with Gel Couture colour topped with the Gel Couture Top Coat.  

Step 4: Finish with a top coat


An essie top coat is key for keeping your manicure on point as well as adds a glossy shine, glittery punch or even a matte finish. Think of this step as adding the cherry-on-top of the cake - you can’t forget it! 



PRO TIP: Add some essie quick-e drying drops to help nails dry faster and protect your mani from smudges and dents.


Remember ladies and gents, practice makes perfect, and we believe in you! But with the right products along with these tips & tricks, a perfect essie mani awaits.


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*excludes essie Treat Love & Color range

posted by

Lara Severino on August 13, 2021