5 steps on how to tame frizzy hair (and cure the dryness too!)

5 steps on how to tame frizzy hair (and cure the dryness too!)

5 steps on how to tame frizzy hair (and cure the dryness too!)

Have you ever wondered why you have frizzy hair? We think about it a lot, especially when it turns into a frizz ball as soon as it dries. If you’re suffering from the same dry, frizzy hair fate, we’re here to enlighten you with a few tips on how to tame frizzy hair - and some hair care products to solve your dry hair concerns while we’re at it.

So you’ll find that dry hair and frizzy hair go hand-in-hand, and often requires the similar solutions. Frizz is caused by dehydration, and this dryness in your hair can come from all your favourite things like daily use of hair appliances and as well as colouring your hair. BUT it can also come from trying to hard to ‘tame your hair into submission’. You know what we mean - slathering on styling products and using hold sprays to keep your hair down after blow drying.

The key is to find the right hair care products that will nourish and moisturise your hair. Interested in this frizz-free, vibrant hair lifestyle we speak of? Read on below and get ready to learn all you need to know about reducing that super annoying frizz and restore hydration and softness to your hair.

How to get rid of dry and frizzy hair

1. Get an every day leave-in product in your life

Having a product in your lineup specifically to care for your hair is key to avoiding frizz and pretty much all of your other hair woes. We love leave-in treatments because not only do they prep and protect your hair for styling, but also because you can just put it in your hair and forget about it!

If you couldn’t tell, we’re currently loving the Vitafive CPR range - they’re Australian-owned, sulphate and paraben-free and they actually work. They’ve got two products that we’d recommend in for freeing yourself of the frizz and also curing that dryness:

The Vitafive CPR Frizzy Phase 1 Smoothing Creme is the must-have product if frizz is your main concern. It acts to keep your hair smooth and detangle do you don’t have to worry about causing frizz while you try to brush through knots, plus it also has slight hold factor to control anyway flyaways. It’s also perfect for those who love to heat style thanks to its innovative 5-way protection against heat humidity, sun, saltwater and chlorine.

On the other hand, if curing that dullness and awful dry feeling is your main concern, we’d go for the Vitafive CPR Nourish Hair Booster Leave-In Moisturiser instead. It’s an incredible all-rounder product that provides the ultimate hydration for your hair. It restores moisture and smoothes your cuticles so your hair looks and feels shiny and soft. It’s also gentle enough for all hair types. Ultimately, curing your dryness can also help with fighting frizz.

Other great leave-in treatments we love are the Kevin Murphy Easy.Rider Anti-Frizz Creme which smoothes and seals as well. Hair oils are also great options for people who suffer from dry ends for long lasting hydration, KMS do an awesome Tame Frizz De-Frizz Oil that provides control for up to 3 days!

Coincidentally, we’re also throwing in both the Frizzy Phase 1 Smoothing Creme 75ml and Nourish Hair Booster Leave-In Moisturiser 75ml with all orders over $79.99 on Oz Hair & Beauty.

2. Use SLS-free shampoos and conditioners

We’ve talked about this step in detail before and why we prefer SLS-free shampoos, but the main reason is because sodium lauryl sulfate is a cleaning agent that strips your hair of its natural oils, dries it out, which then results in dull hair and frizz.

If you’re really looking to complete the trio of frizz free hair, try the Vitafive CPR Frizzy Frizz Control Sulphate-Free Shampoo and its matching conditioner counterpart. Infused with Quinoa and Jojoba, it smoothes out your hair, leaving it soft to touch and hydrated. You can even save money and get it in a frizz-fighting trio pack.

Alternatively if you’ve picked the Nourish Hair Booster We also really, really love the Davroe Moisture Senses Hydrating Shampoo or Nak Nourishing Shampoo, which are both sulphate and paraben-free and also acts to hydrate your tired locks. And always, always follow up with conditioner.

3. Comb your hair in the shower

So we wrote a WHOLE blog on why you need a shower comb but if you haven’t read it, you need to do this because brushing your hair while it’s dry can be a big cause of frizz. It leaves your hair cuticle open and prone to moisture, which then makes it frizzy.

All you need to do with this step is apply conditioner to your hair then give it a brush through with The Wet Comb - or any wide-toothed comb - to untangle any knots and evenly distribute the product. Then simply wash out and air dry!

4. Give your dry, frizzy hair a deep treatment

Alright, we’ve talked about we’re BIG fans of why we love hair treatments and how good they are for your hair. Long story short, our hair - like our bodies - also needs some self care. How is this different from the first step, we hear you asking? Well, a deep treatment is genuinely works to repair your hair from within and is something that you need to spend a little more time on.

Instead of simply putting in on before you run out of the house, we’d recommend taking about 10 minutes once a week to apply a nourishing deep treatment like the Moroccanoil Restorative Hair Mask. This mask - and other deep treatments - are often pumped full of active ingredients, so much so that they really only need to be on your hair for 5-10 minutes. Another frizz-specific mask option is the Redken Frizz Dismiss Mask which provides humidity protection too.

Simply apply a generous amount throughout damp hair after shampooing. This one only need to sit in your hair for 5-7 minutes and acts to repair the internal structure of your hair with its protein-rich formula. Mix it in with a teaspoon of the Moroccanoil Original Treatment for added hydration and shine. They both feature argan oil which can help with the vibrant, moisturised hair. Rinse thoroughly after and get a good conditioner in it to seal all the nutrients in.

5. Give the heat styling a rest

We’re not saying you can’t heat style at all - we love our flat iron A LOT - but maybe wind it back to a few days a week or only when necessary because heat damage is a big part of why your hair is dry or frizzy. And don’t forget to use a good heat protector - we love Evo Icon Welder - when you do use hot tools as well.

And that’s our round up for hydrated, frizz-free hair. While you don’t have to follow every single step, every little bit does count especially when it comes to keeping your hair moisturised. Unfortunately if you get caught in the rain, you might still end up a frizz ball but if you give your locks a good start and boost of hydration with things like the right hair care, it will start to make it a little easier for you.

Shop hair products for all your dry and frizzy hair concerns Oz Hair & Beauty with Afterpay today. Spend over $79.99 on Oz Hair & Beauty and get both the Frizzy Phase 1 Smoothing Creme 75ml and Nourish Hair Booster Leave-In Moisturiser 75ml for free.

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