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must have eyeshadow palettes

The Must Have Eyeshadow Palettes for Summer and Winter

When it comes to head turning, sultry makeup looks, you can count on Eye of Horus to provide the goods. Inspired by the beauty of Ancient Egyptians, Eye of Horus have continuously blown us away with their incredible cosmetics, including the iconic Liquid Define Eyeliner, Brow Sculpting Clay and Bio Lip Elixir just to mention a few. However the newest addition to their collection is something that we’ve been dying to get our hands on. We’re talking about two beautiful must have eyeshadow palettes that are about to become your summer and winter essentials.

Introducing The Solstice Shadow Palettes

If their past products speak for anything, you can guarantee that the Eye of Horus Solstice Shadow Palettes are amongst the calibre of palettes in the makeup world. With a warm toned and a cool toned version, these must have eyeshadow palettes are inspired by the colours of summer and winter, each complete with 8 intensely pigmented and blendable shades. You’ll find both mattes and shimmers in each eye shadow palette, all of which perfectly complement all skin tones.



While the shades are more than enough to win us over, let’s talk about the incredible formula. Enriched with four key ingredients, this mastered formula is what makes these must have eyeshadow palettes an essential for every makeup collection. Pure Desert Clay replaces talc, keeping the colour pigmented and longer lasting. Nurturing Moringa, known as the highest antioxidant, offers moisturising and healing benefits. Golden Seal protects delicate eye areas, acting as an antibacterial property, and Olive Leaf Extract delivers anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties, making the shades gentle on your eyes.

As the stars of this mastered formula, these four key ingredients make these shades perfect for achieving long wearing, crease proof eye makeup looks. In addition to this, we love that the Solstice Shadow Palettes are derived from 100% natural, organic and vegan ingredients. They’re also free from petroleum, chemicals and synthetic oils and of course we can’t forget, cruelty free!

Can you see why these are must have eyeshadow palettes now?

Summer Solstice Palette

Perhaps the more neutral palette of the two, the Summer Solstice Palette is your summer essential. Bringing together 8 warm shimmer and matte shades of gold, bronze, chocolate, pink and red, this palette reflects the heat of the sun and the magical way the sunrise transforms the sky.

Think bronze goddess, effortless radiance and summer glow - the Summer Solstice Palette offers endless variations that will take you right through the warm season.



Winter Solstice Palette

Moving onto the cooler side, the Winter Solstice Palette is your winter essential. Bringing together 8 cool metallic and matte shades of charcoal, pink, gold, pearl and terracotta, this palette is your go to for your next smokey eye. The winter palette reflects the lunar cycles, highlighting the way the moon illuminates the sky and land on chilly winter nights.

With cool sultry and smokey shades, this palette brings out your inner divine feminine. It will take you from day to night, and perhaps even illuminate your darker side.



How to use these must have eyeshadow palettes

  • Start with the blendable matte shades to create your base and fill in your crease.
    • Shades:
    • Summer Solstice - Jupiter & Mars
    • Winter Solstice - Dust, Orbit, Axis & Cloud
  • Then use the satin and metallic shades on the center and inner corners of your lid to create a light diffusing look.
    • Shades:
    • Summer Solstice - Milky Way, Burn, Burst, Star, Flare, Orion
    • Winter Solstice - Halo, SuperNova, Arc, Cosmic.
  • Using the Eye of Horus essential makeup brushes, apply the natural formula lightly for an effortless pearlescent glow or intensify with more product for a standout look.
  • While these palettes are designed to complement all skin tones, a good guide to follow is to use the Summer Solstice shades on warmer skin tones and the Winter Solstice shades on cooler skin tones.



We don’t know about you, but we are strong advocates for these being our must have eyeshadow palettes for summer and winter. Two palettes, 16 gorgeous shades and a master formula - what more could you want? These palettes will get you ready for every occasion life offers, 365 days of the year. Once again Eye of Horus did not disappoint. Browse the entire Eye of Horus range and get your hands on these amazing makeup palettes online today from OZ Hair & Beauty.

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Rebekah Chetcuti on August 07, 2019