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The Muvo 1 minute rapid rinse out treatment and the Muvo leave in hair treatment

The Rinse-Out & Leave In Hair Treatments For Hair That Just Can't Anymore

If you seriously look at everything your hair goes through on a daily basis, dryness and damage don't really come as a surprise. You brush it, twirl it, tie it up, heat-style it and get it tangled while you sleep (unless you use a magical silk pillowcase). There's also those pesky UV rays that can dry it out as the warmer weather rolls in.

Rinse-out and leave in hair treatments are two of the easiest ways you can bring back the life to your hair. Seriously, no other hair care product has as much power as them. Even better, we've picked the perfect duo for you. Say hi to Muvo's newest rinse-out and leave in hair treatments that will leave your hair smoother, shinier, healthier and so much happier.

We might tend to reserve our self-care Sundays for face masks and drinking wine, but now it's time to focus on our hair. Read on for more about these nourishing rinse-out and leave in hair treatments and why you need to stock up on them to treat yo'self.


Why is this rinse-out & leave in hair treatment duo so good?

Packed with Australian plant extracts, these hair treatments let you say goodbye to lifeless, dry hair.

Australian natives are the toughest botanicals on the planet. With an evolution of millions of years, it’s no surprise they can combat extreme, unpredictable weather. This means, when you put them in a rinse-out and leave in hair treatment, you’re giving your hair a fighting chance against dehydration, high temperatures and more. So, what exactly is in these hair treatments?

Finger Lime Fruit

This strange and unique citrus comes from the coastal border region of Queensland and New South Wales. When you cut it open, tiny caviar pearls explode out of it - pearls that are packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory actives.

Combating UVA/B damage, this wonderful fruit helps to boost hydration and damage reversal - perfect for hair that needs a little TLC.

Quandong Fruit

The Quandong is a red, glossy Australian desert fruit. It’s found throughout the deserts and semi-arid areas of Southern Australia. Harnessed by Muvo, this little fruit packs a punch! It nourishes UV damaged hair, not only amping up its condition and comb-ability, but promoting growth.

Oh, and not to mention, Muvo’s rinse out and leave in hair treatments are:

  • Vegan and cruelty free
  • Sulphate free
  • Protein free
  • Paraben free

Sound too good to be true? Well it’s not! We’ll dive a little deeper into why each treatment is amazing (and why you need it):

Muvo Smooth Leave-in Treatment

This conditioning leave-in formula promotes smooth, tangle-free hair. With a super light-weight formula, it doesn’t weigh your hair down (including fine hair) or leave any sticky residue. Plus, since it’s a leave in hair treatment, it will continue to work its magic all day long and you won’t even have to think about it.

Enriched with hardy Australian botanicals, this leave in hair treatment will restore gloss and add shine to dull hair. It also has UV and heat protection, so you can style your hair and enjoy the sunshine without any worry!

Muvo Rapid 1 Minute Treatment

Featuring nourishing Vitamin C and antioxidants, the Muvo Rapid Treatment will give your hair a much needed hydration boost in just 1 minute. After rinsing it out, your hair feels instantly salon smooth, shiny and revitalised.

Perfect for our busy gals, this treatment ensures your tresses are silky and gorgeous at any time of the day.

Where do these treatments fit into my routine?

The most important thing you need to remember, is that these hair treatments come after you wash your hair (aka after your shampoo).

Since you’re adding in plenty of moisture already, there’s no need to use a conditioner after/before the hair treatments. Think of them like your weekly face masks - which you wouldn’t layer moisturiser on top of! You also only need to use them 1-2 times a week to give your hair a boost.

How to use the Muvo Smooth Treatment:

  1. Wash your hair.
  2. Apply a small amount to the mid-lengths and ends of your damp or dry hair.
  3. Style as usual.

Quick tip:

  • Keep Muvo Smooth in your handbag or travel bag and massage it into dry, frizzy ends whenever you need! This means you can have gorgeous hair wherever you are.

How to use the Muvo Rapid 1 Minute Treatment:

  1. Wash your hair.
  2. Squeeze out any excess water and apply a dime-sized amount of the rinse-out treatment, focusing on mid-lengths and ends.
  3. Wait 1 minute and then rinse out.
  4. Style as usual.

How do they fit with the rest of the Muvo range?

When it comes to Muvo, there’s no need to use a million hair care products (especially since all of their products are multi-tasking and address all hair concerns). This makes fitting the hair treatments into your regular routine super easy. To get your hair squeaky clean and moisturised, you need the right shampoo and conditioner. Here’s a quick  rundown on which Muvo one is right for you:



In case you hadn’t guessed it, Muvo’s rinse out and leave in hair treatments are life-changing. We promise that just after a few uses, you’ll be able to tell the difference they make! You’ll have gorgeous, healthy hair in no time.

Get yours today at Oz Hair & Beauty, and shop with Afterpay and Zippay!

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Caitlin Whan on October 16, 2019



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