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The Product that Every Blonde Needs in Her Life

Calling all blondes. This one goes out to you. Whether you were born with natural golden locks or have coloured your hair to test the theory that blondes have more fun - let us introduce you to the ultimate hair product for blondies.

Meet Kevin Murphy’s SHIMMER.ME BLONDE. Your new best friend. It’s time to say adiós to dull and lackluster hair ladies. SHMMER.ME BLONDE is the refreshing burst of sunlight that all blonde heads need.

The leave-in shine treatment uses colour enhancers and optical brighteners to add a brilliant shimmer and radiant shine to highlighted, blonde and grey shades. As well as leaving you with brighter blonde locks, SHIMMER.ME BLONDE also works to add moisture, restore and refresh your hair.

How does it work?

SHIMMER.ME BLONDE is infused with a nourishing blend of Australian fruit extracts chosen specifically for their ability to add elasticity, moisture and reflective properties to your hair.

The most exciting part though? The addition of mica crystals that act like tiny lavender mirrors that work to promote the radiant shine in blonde locks. Your hair will practically be glittering!

Added benefits

  • Adds instant, radiant shine as well as a sublime scent
  • Helps counteract yellow and brassy tones
  • Adds nourishment and moisture
  • Is suitable for all hair types
  • Is sulphate, paraben and cruelty-free

How to use

Achieving bright illuminated blonde hair is easier than ever. Simply apply SHIMMER.ME BLONDE to damp, towel-dried or dry hair (be sure to give the bottle a little shimmy before spraying). Next, spray evenly through your hair and leave to dry naturally or style as desired. Remember, SHIMMER.ME BLONDE is a leave-in treatment, so don’t rinse out.

Give your blonde hair some extra love by using this product in conjunction with Kevin Murphy’s extended range of blonde essentials. Wash your hair with the BLONDE.ANGEL.WASH shampoo and BLONDE.ANGEL Treatment conditioner for the ultimate colour enhancing hair regime.

If you’re a blonde, then it’s time to treat your hair to something special. Get your hands on SHIMMER.ME BLONDE or shop the entire Kevin Murphy range online from Oz Hair & Beauty today.

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posted by

Anthony Nappa on November 06, 2018