28 Reasons To Love This Salon Only Hair Care Treatment

28 Reasons To Love This Salon Only Hair Care Treatment

28 Reasons To Love This Salon Only Hair Care Treatment

We didn’t think it was possible to use only one product for all your hair care needs, until we discovered this Salon Only hair care treatment. The Salon Only (SO) Magic 28 in 1, is an advanced hair treatment that offers 28 incredible benefits in one bottle.

If you haven’t heard already, Salon Only is a fusion of luxury, science and natural goodness. It’s made for fashion, enriched with Australian native botanicals and packed with kera-cysteine goodness for gentle, effective hair care. Salon Only hair care is proudly made in Australia and used by professional salon stylists, however this particular Salon Only hair care treatment has taken the world by storm.

What’s in it & how to use it

SO Magic 28 in 1 is so advanced and lightweight that you won’t need anything else in your bathroom cabinet. Upgrade your hair care regime with one product and transform your hair in a matter of days. Simply spray evenly onto damp, freshly washed hair and massage into the lengths; then blow dry and style as usual. Yas. That is all there is to it!

The scientifically crafted formula includes hand picked Australian botanicals that are designed to target a multitude of hair concerns, making this product almost too good to be true. Including Australian Caviar Lime, a rich elixir of cocoa and mango butters and a number of nutrient rich oils. This treatment is also free from sulphates and parabens.

So if we haven’t given you enough reasons already, here are 28 more reasons why this Salon Only hair care treatment is an absolute must have.

28 benefits in 1 Salon Only hair care treatment

1. It smooths & softens hair Discover hair that is smooth and soft to touch!

2. It adds shines Turn heads with hair that looks healthy and oh so shiny.

3. It has anti-frizz elements Tame your unruly mane in just a few sprays.

4. It’s also anti-humidity Target your frizz before it even happens!

5. It helps to hold & control waves If your waves drop seconds after a blow dry, then this Salon only hair care treatment will help prolong your style.

6. It seals hair cuticles When there is damage to our hair, our hair cuticles open up, causing the strands to swell and become frizzy. This treatment reverses that.

7. It protects your colour Prolong your colour, add vibrance and protect against colour fade.

8. It has anti-pollution benefits Air pollution is common in large cities and congested suburbs, causing our hair cuticles to open and cause damage and hair loss. This Salon Only hair care treatment fights against this type of damage leaving you with a stronger, fuller head of hair.

9. It reconstructs breakage Split ends, broken strands, swollen cuticles; the advanced combination of native extracts will reconstruct your hair.

10. It strengthens fragile hair Give strength to frail and fine hair and protect against future damage.

11. It creates volume Turn the volume up on your style! Discover effortless volume with full, voluminous locks.

12. It helps to reduce blow dry time This Salon Only hair care treatment will cut down your drying time, so you can fast track your hair regime even further.

13. It offers a UV filter Sun damage is brutal, particularly during an Australian summer. But of course, this hair treatment also acts as sunscreen for your hair, creating a UV filter to retract harsh UV rays away from your precious locks.

14. It detangles your tresses Remove all your knots and tangles totally pain free! This specialised formula helps smooth out your hair for an effortless brushing experience.

15. It helps to improve elasticity Are you after bouncy, luscious and healthy locks? This treatment will improve the elasticity in your hair so it can stretch to its full potential and return to its original length effortlessly.

16. It repairs dry damaged hair UV rays, heat styling, chemicals - our hair goes through a lot. Give it the attention it deserves and repair your dry damaged hair.

17. It protects during heat styling Heat styling is one of the biggest causes of dry damaged hair, but with this Salon Only hair care treatment, you can protect your hair from heat damage. Spray your hair with a veil of armour that blocks heat from drying out your precious locks.

18. It helps with moisture retention We can apply as much moisture to our hair as possible, but if our hair can’t retain it we won’t see any results. This treatment helps build the moisture retention in your hair, so it is able to absorb and lock in all that hydrating goodness.

19. It works to prevent split ends When hair is stronger, split ends are less likely to occur. Build the strength in your hair with nutrients and botanicals that counteract split ends and brittleness.

20. It reduces hair breakage Whether you’re brushing your hair, washing it or styling it, we all know how it feels to watch our hair strands break in the process. Reduce hair breakage and enjoy stronger, healthier hair.

21. It evens porous hair Hair that is high in porosity is more susceptible to breakage and dryness. Using the treatment will reduce porosity in your hair, enabling it to retain the nutrients and moisture it needs to stay strong.

22. It is anti-static Get your hair to do exactly what you want it to do. No more static, no more frizz, just total control and smoothness.

23. It restores lustre to dull hair Give your hair life and shine. Using this Salon Only hair care treatment will restore dull, lifeless hair and give it the sunkissed glow we all love.

24. It makes blow drying easier As we mentioned, the Magic 28 in 1 speeds up how long it takes hair to dry, but it also makes blow drying more manageable. Hair will feel more cooperative and you will walk away from an at-home-blow-dry feeling much happier with your results.

25. It protects again saltwater & chlorine damage Living in Australia means high exposure to saltwater and chlorine. While this is great for keeping us cool, it’s not so great for our hair. But we don’t want to stop enjoying the summer, so simply use the treatment before you jump in the pool or go to the beach to protect your hair from the harsh water conditions.

26. It is the ultimate curly hair nourishment Anyone with curly hair would know that your hair is naturally much drier than others. This treatment works to restore moisture in your hair, nourishing your natural curls.

27. It defines curls Give your curls that glorious definition and shape. Create bounce, tight spirals, healthy waves and discover the ultimate hold.

28. It smooths dry scalps Finally, the Magic 28 in 1 will sooth and smooth dry scalps, leaving you with a totally healthy head full of hair!


So, have we convinced you yet? You can shop this incredible Salon Only hair care treatment online at Oz Hair & Beauty right now! For a limited time, we are also giving away a free sachet of the Magic 28 in 1 with every order. Shop the entire Salon Only collection for more incredible products and don’t forget - we offer free shipping when you spend $50 or more!

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