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Sustainable Swaps - Switch to beauty that loves the environment

Nowadays, it's more important than ever to respect the environment and think about the impact that our every decision has. Earth Month is one way to encourage ourselves to consider the environment and what we can do to help it - but it can still be hard to know why and how we should make sustainable choices. Here, we will be looking at what Earth Month is and how we can be more sustainable with a range of easy beauty swaps you can make to be kinder to you and the planet.


What is Earth Month?

Earth Month is celebrated in April, during the run-up to Earth Day on April 22nd. The month is designed to raise people’s awareness of issues relating to the environment, creating more knowledge of how vital our environment is to us. The month is also used to highlight changes we can make in our own lives to celebrate and take care of the environment a little better. Earth Month shines a spotlight on everything from single-use plastic to our throwaway culture, and how we can personally volunteer to protect the environments we live in.


Why should we make sustainable choices?

Now that you know what Earth Month is, you may wonder why you should make these sustainable choices. The truth is that, while individual action might not feel like the biggest step in tackling the climate and environmental crises we hear about every day, if everybody made small changes, the damage to the environment would be reduced! You may not be able to give up driving your car much of the time, but by making sustainable beauty choices, you are making small yet important changes to your carbon footprint.


How can I prepare for Earth Month?

In the run-up to April, you can start preparing for Earth Month by making sustainable choices now, there's no need to wait! We have collected some of the best sustainable swaps that you can make. Without breaking the bank or losing out on quality, these options can help you lower your carbon footprint while enjoying top quality products. You may feel that an individual cannot create the change needed to tackle environmental issues, but by supporting Clean Beauty brands, you can truly make a difference.


Swap toothpaste for Dr Robb Toothchews

Brushing your teeth is something you do every day, multiple times a day. Keeping your teeth healthy is a big priority, but have you ever stopped and thought about a more environmentally friendly way to do it? Switching to Toothchews is a great way to save water, not just during brushing your teeth but due to other elements of toothpaste creation. For example, toothpaste can contain up to 40% water; you can help to save gallons of freshwater and aid the growing water crisis by making the switch to tooth chews. Not only can you help to save water, but these chews also come in fully recyclable packaging, so you won’t be contributing to the growing issues of throwaway culture and single-use plastic.


Invest in CLOUD NINE styling tools

We all love our styling tools, but if you are looking to embrace the values of Earth Month, you may not be sure which brand is best for you. Choosing the right brand can make a difference - CLOUD NINE is the only appliance brand that has a styling tool recycling scheme that you can take part in. By supporting CLOUD NINE, you can help them reach their impressive goal of saving 1.5 million styling tools from landfills. They also partner with a World Land Trust verified print supplier so you know that the paper used is carbon balanced, as well as working with low carbon shipping methods. CLOUD NINE does not transport items via freight from where they are manufactured in South Korea. Not only that, but this great company has teamed up with Ecologi to build forests globally, as well as being plastic responsible. And aside from all this, whether you are looking for a curling wand or want sleek, straight locks, CLOUD NINE has the high quality tools your busy day demands.


Choose litre bottles

Are you still buying standard size shampoo and conditioner? This might not be the most environmentally friendly way to do things! By bulk buying litre bottles, the shampoo and conditioner will last longer, and may even cost a little less. Best of all, you will be reducing your use of plastic - a win for the environment!


Switch to Clean Beauty brands

Making the switch from your regular brands to Clean Beauty brands is one of the easiest ways you can help to support the environment, both during Earth Month and beyond. Why not start now by investing in Pureology? The brand’s shampoo and conditioner bottles (not including the cap) have been created using 95% post-consumer recycled materials. Using only FDA-approved plastics, Pureology endeavours even to remove the plastic wrappers from products to reduce plastic use even further.

Another brand with a focus on recycling and harm reduction is Dermalogica. By 2025, this brand is looking to meet and/or surpass goals such as having 90% sustainably sourced ingredients and 100% of packaging being reusable, recyclable or compostable.

Meanwhile, Sand & Sky uses Australian grown hero ingredients sourced from ethical suppliers so that you can give back to the planet and small communities thanks to these supplier choices.

Finally, take a look at investing in Coco & Eve skincare. Again, they work with ethical suppliers to give you peace of mind, as well as win awards for sustainable beauty. Their Shea Butter is derived from renewable sources, with their Papaya and Prickly Pear being COSMOS certified. Coco & Eve are even conscious of how they transport their items, seeking to reduce their carbon footprint - and yours!



As we approach Earth Month, we hope you can see that there are plenty of amazing, sustainable beauty swaps you can make without missing out. Browse the full Clean Beauty range at Oz Hair & Beauty so that you can pick up your favourite essentials and perhaps even discover something new. Remember, you don’t have to wait for April to start making choices that can benefit you and the environment!