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Dry Shampoo: Why You Need It In Your Life

If you haven’t jumped on the dry shampoo bandwagon yet then you may need to rethink your life. We don’t mean to sound dramatic here but dry shampoo has taken over hair regimes all over the world and there are more than a few reasons why.

Ideal for those who don’t have time to fuss around with styling everyday or anyone looking to improve and maintain the health of their hair. Dry shampoo offers a very long list of benefits that will leave you (and us) wondering why you haven’t started using it already.

Here are some of the many reasons why you need dry shampoo in your life.

It saves time

First and foremost, it’s just a really quick fix. Let’s face it, washing your hair is a chore and it requires time, which more than often we just don’t have. Dry shampoo on the other hand takes less than a minute to apply and you don’t even need a shower to do it. Keep a can of the Evo Water Killer Dry Shampoo in your bathroom, and throw a smaller dry shampoo bottle in your bag or your car for whenever you feel like your hair needs a little pick me up!

Less shampoo equals healthier hair

A more familiar product in our everyday hair regimes is wet shampoo. However, as accustomed as you may be to shampoos, they actually contain sulfates and parabens that are bad for your hair and scalp when used in excess. Dry shampoo will save the day - and your hair - in between washes and in the long run as well.

Dry shampoo regulates oil production

Yes, washing your hair with regular shampoo leaves your hair feeling clean and fresh but we all know this is temporary. After a few days, your hair becomes oily again, calling for another wash (which means more chemicals). It’s natural for hair to be slightly oily, however too much can make you look like a grease ball. Using Milkshake Lifestyling Dry Shampoo in between washes will regulate the amount of oil in your hair while prolonging the time needed between each wash.

Adds volume and texture to your hair

Dry shampoo hair is also a friend to those who suffer from limp or fine hair that needs a regular lift from time to time - it’s a godsend for our short hair sisters! Dry shampoo uses natural powders that will add (good) weight and volume to your hair when you need it most. Try the R+Co Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste for something a little different - half dry shampoo, half styling paste, it will absorb oil but also give reworkable hold. Once you’ve applied, simply use your fingers to create the texture and style.

Prolongs your style or blowout

There’s a reason why girls take so long to get ready - it’s because we have to spend so much time doing our damn hair! We don’t just wake up like this you know. Since it takes so much time and effort for our hair to look this good, we like to keep it that way for as long as we possibly can. But how? Dry shampoo, of course. As well as keeping your hair clean and smelling nice between washes, a good one like the R+CO Death Valley Dry Shampoo also works to revamp your style, freshen your hair and keep all your hard work lasting longer.

Decreases the effect of heat damage

While there are some of you who are blessed with hair that dries perfectly styled and frizz free all on its own, for those of us who aren’t as lucky, a wash is more than often followed by a need to apply heat to our hair in some shape or form. The thing we grab when stepping out the shower is usually the hair dryer followed by a curling iron or straightener. However, limiting the amount of shampoo washes and increasing dry shampoo use will decrease the need to apply frequent heat. If you don’t need to wash your hair, you don’t need to dry it - it’s not rocket science.

Allows you to be more active without having to wash your hair

If you’re a regular gym goer - or if you’re planning to be - then dry shampoo is your new favorite gym partner. As dry shampoo cleans your hair, regulates oil production and maintains your styling, you can enjoy a worthwhile workout without worrying about having to wash and style your hair again. A hot tip is to spray your hair with a dry shampoo  like De Lorenzo Essential Treatments Absorb BEFORE your workout.

We hope this has helped you realise why you’ve been missing out - you can thank us later. Dry shampoo is a staple in every girls hair regime and it is obvious why.

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posted by

Anthony Nappa on November 01, 2018