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Captain Fawcett's

Captain Fawcett’s facial hair care products have been helping the moustache and beard community keep a stiff upper lip for many years. To distinguish your look and keep up the maintenance required to have the best looking beard and mo’, take a page from the captain’s book and explore his full range of products, available online at Australia’s best prices at Oz Hair & Beauty!

Nothing makes a moustache stand out like quality wax and Captain Fawcett’s is as strong and everlasting as they come. It is made of a rich and complex blend of bee’s wax and essential oils and with a variety of scents available you can be sure that your moustache will reflect your personal taste and unique character the entire day without fail. 

At Oz Hair & Beauty we also have Captain Fawcett’s beautifully crafted fine tooth folding moustache, beard combs, and grooming tools in stock so that you can be sure your facial hair is looking great at all times. 

Get the most out of your beard and mo’ with Captain Fawcett and you can be sure that every excursion will be a fantastic voyage.