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De Lorenzo

Welcome to the world of De Lorenzo - where luxurious hair care meets eco-friendly innovation. Discover a premium range of De Lorenzo Hair Products designed to transform your tresses into works of art. From De Lorenzo Shampoo and Conditioner to treatments and more - choose de Lorenzo for hair that radiates health and beauty. Below we break down the following de Lorenzo ranges and what they’re all about.

Bond Defence

Shield your hair with Bond Defence De Lorenzo products. Our range includes the famous De Lorenzo Heat Protectant (De Lorenzo Defence Extinguish) the ultimate companion in the fight against heat damage. You can take your thermal protection an extra step with the De Lorenzo Defence Thermal Shampoo and Conditioner. So elevate your haircare routine with the strength of De Lorenzo Bond Defence today.


De Lorenzo's DMAN range is specially formulated for men, aiming to provide a tailored grooming experience that caters to the unique needs of male hair and skin. The collection includes a variety of products such as shampoos, conditioners, and styling aids, all infused with natural ingredients to nourish and protect. With a focus on simplicity and efficacy, the "DMAN" range offers a straightforward approach to grooming, helping men achieve a polished and well-maintained appearance effortlessly.


Embrace the elements with the De Lorenzo elements range. If you’re looking for beachy waves, then the De Lorenzo Barrel Wave is a styling must-have and will give you effortless flow. For a perfect style finisher use the De Lorenzo Hair Spray, it offers flexible hold and exquisite shine, perfect for giving your hair some added flair.

Instant Transformation

Instant Transformation is the most popular range from De Lorenzo. You can experience instant results with the De Lorenzo Instant Restructurant treatment, De Lorenzo The Ends, De Lorenzo Allevi8, De Lorenzo Rejuven8, De Lorenzo Accentu8 and De Lorenzo Illumin8  products. These miraculous formulas are revered in the hair care industry and are the secret to revitalized, radiant hair. So whether it’s a De Lorenzo Instant Rejuven8 Shampoo or an instant Allevi8 treatment, whatever the product, you can receive instant results today with De Lorenzo Instant transformations. 


Indulge in color perfection with the De Lorenzo Nova fusion range. Famous for their De Lorenzo Colour Shampoo this range has a vast array of shampoo colours. Including De Lorenzo Purple Shampoo, De Lorenzo Copper Shampoo, De Lorenzo Rose Gold Shampoo, De Lorenzo Beige Blonde Shampoo, and more. Consult the De Lorenzo Nova Fusion Colour Chart for your ideal shade. So find your perfect colour with the De Lorenzo Colour Chart and experience the difference with Novafusion.

Elevate your hair game with the entire range of De Lorenzo Products. We’re proud to be one of the premier De Lorenzo Stockists, hosting a wide range of their products. So whether you want to try the famous, the ends de Lorenzo product, or want to explore a De Lorenzo conditioner and shampoo, we’re the place to go. We even offer exclusive De Lorenzo packs and the very popular De Lorenzo 1 Litre Shampoo and Conditioner duo. So experience the de Lorenzo difference today and shop with confidence at Oz Hair and Beauty.

    Frequently asked questions(3)

    Is De Lorenzo a Good Brand?

    De Lorenzo is generally considered a reputable and quality brand in the hair care industry. They have a strong reputation for producing high-quality hair products that cater to various hair types and concerns. Many users have reported positive experiences with De Lorenzo products, praising their effectiveness in maintaining and improving hair health. However, individual experiences may vary depending on specific hair needs and preferences.

    Is De Lorenzo Cruelty-Free?

    Yes, De Lorenzo is known for being a cruelty-free brand. They have a commitment to not testing their products on animals, and they do not use animal-derived ingredients in their formulations. De Lorenzo also uses eco-friendly and sustainable practices in their manufacturing processes, which aligns with their dedication to environmental responsibility.

    Where to Buy De Lorenzo Hair Products?

    You can buy De Lorenzo hair products online and in store at Oz Hair And Beauty