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A lot has happened in 2018. Meghan Markle married Prince Harry; Kylie, Khloe… and Kim had a baby; and Beyonce even headlined Coachella. But today let’s look back on the incredibly crazy, totally wearable insta-worthy hair colour trends that the year has given us - because you know we’re all about that.

The power of Instagram has revealed that some talented hair colour specialists are killing it around the world, delivering jaw dropping hair colours that we need to sit back and admire.

What’s even more exciting, is there’s still time to jump on the bandwagon with these wearable trends. Why not kick start 2019 with a fresh new do that will give you the bounce of confidence you need to smash those new year’s resolutions?

Whether you’re looking to completely transform your look or simply breathe some new life into your current colour, here are some of 2018’s very best (and delicious) hair colour trends to inspire the new you.


A variation of the timeless bronde trend, iced caramel latte is a mirage of warm and cool tones, with a blend of ash and butter blonde, swirled in with some brown hues. While it may look like an intense palette of various shades, this balayage technique is actually super low-maintenance. Simply wash your hair with same colour enhancing shampoo and conditioner such as Juuce Colour Life and you’re set.


Another one for the coffee lovers of the world - cold brew ribbons rich highlights and lowlights through your darker locks for some added dimension. The result is a glowing brown colour with neutral golden tones that resembles a dash of milk being added to an icy cold brew coffee. If you like your iced latte with more cream, then go for more golden tones. But if you prefer your coffee rich and dark, then go easy on the highlights. It’s your coffee... I mean hair - you can have it just how you like it.

Less cream:

More cream:


If you aren’t hungry already, then let’s talk about toasted coconut. Another variation of bronde, this colour is a take on the much loved ombre effect. Toasted coconut starts with rich, dark roots that softly transition into cool platinum blonde, with icy white ends. This trend is ideal for natural brunettes, as your roots will already be darker and there will be no need for frequent root touch-ups - it will simply become “toastier” as your hair grows out.


With New Year's Eve around the corner, it’s time to crack open the bubbly and say hello to mauve champagne. This beautiful colour is a spin on the blonde balayage with soft pale pink hues that pays homage to the holographic trend - another 2018 fave. Mauve champagne appears differently depending on the way light hits it giving the perfect golden champagne blonde on some days, and metallic mauve tones on others. Being a more high fashion colour, mauve champagne does require some frequent salon sessions to maintain and refresh. Colourists also suggest cutting back on shampoo washes, so you may need to stock up on dry shampoo if this colour is calling to you.


Inspired by crystals, we like to describe the gem roots colour trend as magical. The colour (or should we say colours?) is focused on the roots, rainbowing into natural platinum blonde ends. Gem roots highlights beautiful muted pastel shades like mint green, lilac purple and baby pink all resembling the colours of ethereal gemstones and crystals. While the trend is built from soft muted shades, this is a bold look that’s perfect for anyone after a dramatic hair transformation. Unless you’re visiting the salon on the regular for touch ups, this colour will fade over time leaving you with an overall muted platinum shade, which is why gem roots works best on natural blondies.

Did we just inspire a new year, new you hair transformation? If so, make sure to shop all our haircare and colouring products to help you achieve and maintain your fresh new colour!

posted by

Anthony Nappa on December 24, 2018