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Everything You Need To Know About ghd

There's just some things in life you want to be able to count on. That lovely barista at the cafe next to your place who always gets your day started off on the right, caffeinated foot. Your favourite sitcom offering up a nice comfort watch at any time of day or night. A mate who you know won't just leave you on read when you message him or her, no matter how weird your text is. And, of course, your hair appliances.


Whether it's through groggy eyes after far too little sleep, to the tune of your favourite pre-game jams as you get ready for another huge night or a quick touch up when you're on the road, nobody wants to worry whether or not their tool of choice is going to come through in the clutch. But fear not, friend! There's a whole stack of amazing ghd products that can help you land the look you love for just about any occasion, personal or professional.


And when you're looking for the inside scoop on everything ghd in Australia, you know we got you covered. We're huge ghd heads from way back, and we're more than happy to help shine some light on one of our absolute styling go-tos. From this company's storied history to helping you figure out which ghd products you should use to, here's what you need to know about ghd.


What does ghd stand for?

ghd stands for good hair day. But it stands for way more than that when you're talking about its place in the hair styling world.


You know that saying about something being what it says on the tin? Well that's the type of situation we're working with here. For more than 20 years, ghd has been pushing the styling envelope. Leaning on intelligence and innovation coming from the super smarties operating in their research and development labs, ghd continues to deliver the goods for users not only in Australia, but around the world.


You've got ghd straighteners that can keep you on the straight and narrow or even get you feeling and looking all curly whirly (oh, you didn't know you could use your straightener to curl your hair?) Looking for a more traditional way to ring in a new look? Respect the separation between hair straightener and hair curler with a wicked range of ghd curlers. And trust us when we say we're not blowing hot air at you – ghd hair dryers have the power to style without singing your precious locks. Same goes for ghd hot brushes.


Which ghd product is best for me?

With so many huge options available, it might be hard to figure out which of the fabulous ghd products might be best for you and your hair type. While there aren't really any wrong answers here, depending on your hair goals and what type of locks you're rocking, there might be some ghd goodies that are better suited to you.


Here's a bit of a breakdown to help you make your pick.


ghd hair straighteners

It's plenty easy to get your hands on these genius ghd straighteners in Australia once you nail down which one works best for you. So which ghd hair straightener should you buy? Good question! Let's do our best to help you narrow down the field, shall we?


For us, it's hard to go past the ghd Platinum+ Hair Styler, which revolutionised home hair styling when it was unveiled a few years ago. This is a hair straightener with brains. There are already enough areas of life in which we must control ourselves (you should see us gritting our teeth trying to exercise self control during Black Friday sales or in the choccie aisle in the shops). Your styling sessions don't have to be one of them. The ghd Platinum+ hair straightener takes your penchant for wanting to crank the heat up out of the equation. The ghd team developed this sweet ultra-zone™ tech that continually analyses factors such as the thickness of your hair and how quickly you are moving the straightener to adjust the heat to its optimal temp. While just about everybody can benefit from this wonderful wand, it's especially great for those with dry hair or damaged hair who need to be extra careful when styling. 


A lot of times when it comes to hair, it's important to go back to the roots. You can do exactly that with the  . This is the masterpiece that started it all, the ghd straightener that launched a thousand looks (who are we kidding, it's way more than that by now). This version of the legendary ghd Original comes with single-zone™ power that keeps things at a solid 185℃ – which ghd has learned through extensive testing is the best temp for styling. And you won't have to wait ages to get going, as the Original heats up and is ready to rock in just 30 seconds. That makes it a great option for just about any style and styler out there.


And if you find yourself on the road for work or play, or just want a bit more flexibility in your life (something we can all use), the ghd Unplugged Cordless Hair Straightener is great for those who find themselves on the go. You get that primo 185℃ styling temp of the other models, but in a more portable package. Whether you're throwing it in your suitcase or simply need to migrate to another mirror at home, there's no stopping your styling now!


At the risk of setting your head spinning, that's just the start, really. The ghd Max Wide Plate Hair Styler proves bigger can be better, with larger plates that can tackle voluminous hair with ease. And the ghd Gold Hair Straightener serves up podium-worthy looks via its dual-zone technology, which includes heat sensors on both plates for ever more precision.


ghd curlers

You curly hair havers out there know exactly what we're saying when we talk about how important the right curling iron is for looking and feeling your best. When it's time to add another cool tool to your arsenal, you don't have to look any further than the amazing ghd curlers at your fingertips.


Every ghd curling wand or tong is backed by the same super science that helped the company ascend to amazing hair heights via its straighteners. You know that ultra-zone™ action we mentioned earlier that ensures your tool stays at an optimal 185℃ styling temp? Well, you're going to get that in each and every member of the ghd Curve lineup, too.


If you want your look to take from you from the effortless waves of the beach to the show stopping bounce of the stage, it's mighty hard to swerve past the ghd Curve Creative Curl Wand Hair Curler. This is a great place to start no matter what type of hair you have, but it's particularly sweet for those with shorter hair. You won't need to keep an eye on moon movements or tidal readings to find the waves you want flowing through your long hair.


Looking to steal an even bigger share of the spotlight? A few turns around your head with the ghd Curve Classic Wave Wand Hair Curler will have you turning heads in all the right ways. Think those longer, flowing movie star curls you crave when you see red carpet pics on your favourite actress' Insta.


Need to switch up your styling game and set down your wonderful wand? When it's tong time, there's two great options ready and waiting for you. If you're more into the relaxed, easy breezy curls as opposed to the tight ringlets, the ghd Curve Soft Curl Tong Hair Curler is where it's at. The 32mm barrel is excellent for those larger, sweeping curls that tumble with ease. For slightly smaller curling action, maybe with that extra bit of bounce, you might want to reach for the ghd Curve Classic Curl Tong Hair Curler and its 26mm barrel.



ghd hair dryers

A staple for just about any at-home styler, whether they straighten, curl or otherwise primp and pamper, the right moves with the right ghd hair dryer can help you go from wet head to hot look in mere moments. There's three great options here to consider, each of which can do the job – a quick dry that leaves your hair looking simply mahvelous, dahling.


It all starts with the ghd Helios Professional Hair Dryer, which takes ghd's science-backed drying power to new heights. Its Aeroprecis™ innovation helps route air through the appliance more efficiently so it can exit via the precision nozzle in a manner that's better for you and your styling. It's more drying power that's easier to control and make your own. When it comes to the cream of the ghd hair dryer crop, this is the one to grab.


Of course, the ghd Air Hair Dryer also has the power to transform your styling space into your own personal salon. Say goodbye to long sessions in front of the mirror and give flyaway frizzy hair the flick with the help of this lightweight, comfortable tool of the trade. And the ghd Flight Travel Hair Dryer is bound to become your new bestie on the road or at the gym. It's the ghd quality you know and trust in a smaller, easily packed package.


ghd hot brushes

Sure, you brush. But do you hot brush? ghd hot brushes can turn the heat up on your styling in the best way. You could probably flip and coin and let the fates decide which of the two main makes and models match your mane, as both are chockas with that terrific ghd tech. But if you're looking to make a more informed decision than heads or tails, here's some intel that can help you make your selection.


When the ghd Glide Professional Hot Brush was released in early 2019, it caused quite a scene. And after one use it'll be easy to see why. From helping you get a handle on that messy bed head to aiding your styling quest even if you haven't had time to get in front of the mirror for a couple days, the ghd Glide helps bring a sense of balance back to your locks. It smooths out the kinks in your look, especially if frizzy, dry hair is getting you down. That's thanks to a wonderful oval-shaped barrel that gracefully glides through your hair. It's got a great balance of long and short bristles throughout, meaning you can target large areas without missing a beat.


On the other side of the coin sits the ghd Rise Volumizing Hot Brush. As you might guess, this tool is ace for adding that extra oomph to your look. Pump up the volume with the help of the ghd Rise's more rounded barrel, which offers well-rounded assistance when you're hunting that most excellent look. The Rise model adds the patented ghd ultra-zone™ smart tech, which means it uses those fancy little sensors to read your hair and your movements for the ultimate in styling assistance.

Is ghd good for your hair?

One of the best things about our mates at ghd (OK, so we don't text on the reg or anything, but we love these guys so much we just think of them as mates at this point) is that they really care about taking care of your hair. By 2010, ghd had already made a huge name for itself globally. But the company didn't rest on its laurels. Instead the team kept pushing to be better – to find the keys to unleashing more good hair days across the globe. That year, ghd opened its research and development facility dedicated to studying the impacts of heat on hair. From this study has come dozens of inventions and innovations that have changed the game for professionals and every day home hair stylists around the globe.


Now, all that being said, it's important to remember that there can be too much of a good thing in terms of heating up your head. While serving up hot looks is deffo the name of the game, applying too much direct heat to your hair can cause some serious damage. That's why, even with the power of ghd's sweet tech in your hands, it's important to always have some thermal protection within reach in case things get too hot and heavy. And wouldn't you know, these beauties have that covered, too, with their awesome ghd Bodyguard heat protectant spray.

Is ghd worth the money? 

You know those people who say the best things in life are free? Sadly that isn't always the case when it comes to hair styling. Indeed, you get what you pay for, and while there might be cheaper alternatives out there, plenty of happy hair stylers around Australia would agree that the sheer quality and comfort you get from ghd hair dryers, curlers, straighteners and other pieces justifies the price tag.


Check out a stack of great ghd products on Oz Hair & Beauty and add one of the biggest and best (if not longest) names in styling to your game today.


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