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How to get the most out of your blow dry

There’s nothing that can quite make a woman feel as put together as a good blow dry can. Whether it’s Victoria’s Secret-style soft waves or a sleek, straight do - you want to be able to get the most out of it.

Getting regular blow dries can be an expensive habit and with the festive season already in full swing, you’re probably tempted to keep getting them for each event you’ve been invited to. With home jobs never quite hitting the same mark as a professional blowout, you’re probably wondering how you’re going to keep your hair in check for as long as possible.

We know how good it feels to be able to hang onto those glossy locks so we’ve rounded up a few tips on how to extend your blowdry.

1. Don’t touch your hair

This seems pretty straightforward but it’s one of the top tips we can offer in keeping your blow dry fresh. It might be really tempting to run your hands through your silky smooth and bouncy new do but just remember that you’ll be spreading natural oils throughout and it will cause your hair to go greasy a lot quicker. It also flattens all that volume that’s been added into your hair.

2. Sleep right

The last thing you want to do after getting that blow dry is go home and roll around in it for 8 hours while you sleep. So the key here is to tie it loosely out of the way. Throw it back to the 90s with the Shhh Silk Oversized Black Silk Scrunchie which has been specially designed to keep your hair luscious and kink-free, and so you can put your blow dry up and out of the way while you sleep. An alternative option are the Popband London Hair Ties which also hold your hair up with no crease.

3. Satin Pillowcases

So building on that point above, sleep can really ruin your hair, blow dry or not. But let us reveal the secret to saving it: a silk pillowcase. If you haven’t gotten onto this phenomenon yet,  you better get onto it now because it will change your life. We’ve already written about all the benefits of a silk pillowcase, including extending your hair styling efforts. Essentially, the silk creates less friction than your standard cotton pillowcases so it won’t rough up your hair as much.

4. Dry Shampoo

We could talk about why you need dry shampoo for days but for the purposes of extending your blow dry, a spritz of the good stuff will soak up any extra sebum on your roots and prolong the time between hair washes. Our holy grail dry shampoo is the Evo Water Killer which will also give your roots a lift and all over body. Simply flip your hair over, give it a good spray at the roots and lightly massage in and you’re good to go!

5. Use a good brush

Despite how smooth it starts out being, the likelihood is that you will need to brush your hair at some point. But did you know that using the wrong brush can cause it to go frizzy? While we love a good boar bristle brush for every other day use to stimulate our scalps, the bristles aren’t great for extending a blow dry. Instead try the Original Tangle Teezer which is designed to get rid of tangles and knots but also smoothes the hair.

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posted by

Anthony Nappa on December 04, 2018