Hair Primer: It’s A Thing

Hair Primer: It’s A Thing

Hair Primer: It’s A Thing

So you know primer is important as a base layer for your makeup to keep it all in place but did you know that hair primer is a thing as well?

It makes sense if you think about it, really. Priming your face helps the rest of your makeup sit better, and considering we style our hair almost daily and put products - plus extreme heat on to it - we probably need something to help protect it and help it stay in place as well.

While it seems like there’s a new product that you need to add to your hair routine every day, we promise that hair primer is a useful and necessary step in your day.

What exactly is a hair primer?

Hair primers come in many forms - oil, spray, cream - but they all act to create a barrier between your delicate hair shaft and environmental factors like humidity and dryness, the natural oils that your scalp produces and most importantly, heat styling! A spray like Evo Day of Grace Primer is probably the easiest to use and this particular one also acts as a lightweight leave-in conditioner to detangle the hair before styling as well.

Another massive benefit of using a hair primer is that it can help your style last longer because it will help resist any moisture disruption. Plus, it helps your hair stay cleaner for longer - which is a massive part of extending styles like a blow dry.

Do I need a hair primer?

It can seem like a frivolous step in the hair routine but the short answer is yes. If you’re anything like us and you blow dry or straighten your hair every day, it’s good to put a protective barrier in. Even if you don’t, primers can often be used for specific hair concerns. For example, the KMS Tame Frizz Style Primer acts to deeply nourishes and smoothes frizzy hair, making it easier to glide that GHD Straightener through.

Pro tip: For medium to thick hair, opt for a cream formula and if you have finer hair, try a spray that won’t weigh it down.

Where do I use a hair primer in the line up?

So think of it like your face primer - hair primer goes on before anything else.Cream formulas usually works best after a hair wash day, so just apply a dollop of a primer in while your hair is still damp. For a spray, spritz it on to dry hair prior to styling - the Paul Mitchell Neuro Blowout Primer is a great one for thermal protection. Once applied, go to town with your normal blow dry routine, and end with a fine mist of De Lorenzo Elements Sandstorm Dry Texture Spray to give it flexible hold with natural movement.

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