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Six hairspray hacks that will seriously change your life

Thought hairspray was just for hair? Think again! While a bottle of the good stuff is crucial in maintaining that hairstyle you’ve just spent 40 minutes working on - if that’s all you’re using it for then you’re missing out.

From your head to your toes - literally - here are six genius hairspray hacks that will seriously change your life.

  • Instead of brow gel

  • Run out of your trusty brow product? Don't want your eyebrow pomade to melt off? Grab a brow brush, give it a quick spray with evo Miss Malleable Hairspray and then gently brush through your brows. It will set them in place while still looking natural. Alternatively use it instead of a brow gel to set your eyebrow pomade.

    Prevent runs in your tights

    Hairspray won’t stop runs in your tights from forming altogether, but they will prevent them from turning from a little ladder to a full blown stairway from thigh to ankle. We’ve all been there, ladies. Spraying a hairspray like Schwarzkopf OSIS+ Freeze Hairspray on the ladder will temporarily stiffen the fibres buying your tights some more time.

    Stop shoes from slipping

    Are you finding that you’re slipping or sliding around in your shoes - maybe because you’re wearing those newly fixed stockings? Try a spritz of hairspray on the inside of your shoes. It will give you temporary grip and prevent rubbing.

    Smooth flyaways and frizz - with a toothbrush

    Okay, stay with us here. If you’re ever caught short or a little too windswept, spray ghd Final Fix Hairspray on a toothbrush and gently comb over baby hairs and flyaways to instantly control it. If you’ve got curly hair, this trick will be invaluable.

    Cut the static

    Static cling can be very annoying. Fortunately there’s an easy fix if you’ve got a can of hairspray lying around. Simply spray in the area that’s affected and voila, problem solved.

    Remove lipstick from clothes

    Yep, it turns out hairspray can be a fantastic cleaning tool too! If your favourite white shirt is ruined by lipstick smudges, grab your go-to can and spray over the lipstick stain. Leave for a few minutes. Wipe off with a cloth and the lipstick should go with it. Then just wash as normal.

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    Brittany Stewart on October 09, 2018