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Get your hands on the Hot Tools Australia is loving

It’s time for another exciting announcement - our favourite kind of announcement. The kind where we get to tell you all about the latest and hottest brand to hit Oz Hair & Beauty. We’re talking about Hot Tools Australia! They’re the biggest electrical brand in the US and the creators of innovative curling irons such as the famous 24k Gold Curl Bar. As per usual we’re already obsessed with Hot Tools and we guarantee you will be too.

Hot Tools is an iconic hair care brand when it comes to professional hair styling, being the preferred styling tool for creating bold, beautiful and effortless hairstyles. Now when we say effortless, we say that with complete truth because the 24k Gold Curl Bar makes curling hair exactly that.

Why you need a 24k Gold Curl Bar

You can kiss shoulder pain, wrist cramps and elbow strains goodbye when you curl your hair with this one of a kind curling iron. The Hot Tools Curl Bar is ergonomically designed for comfort and ease of use. We’ve all experienced the struggle of twisting our arms into weird angles in an effort to create the perfect curl. However, this ‘L’ shaped curling iron makes it easier than ever to create those luscious locks without straining your shoulder, elbow or wrist!

Just see for yourself how you can effortlessly create beautiful curls with this unique curling tool:



Along with an innovative design for more comfort, the Hot Tools 24k Gold Curl Bar lets you take control of your curls. The 25mm barrel size is ideal for creating all kinds of curls for all hair types from tight, defined locks to loose, beachy waves. The 24k gold surface also means the Curl Bar will heat fast and evenly, leaving you with extra long-lasting curls.

Some other amazing features on this Hot Tools curler include:

  • Digital temperature control for fast heat adjustments
  • Temperature settings ranging from 160°C to a high 230°C
  • Timer control from 0 to 10 seconds so you can ensure you hold each curl for a precise and equal amount of time
  • Pulse technology for fast heat-up, that stays hot, with instant heat recovery
  • An extra-long cool tip and thumb grip for safer, easier styling
  • A professional 3 meter length cable and swivel for ease of use
  • Automatic sleep mode after 60 minutes

Why stylists love the 24k Gold Curl Bar

This unique tool is not only a life saver for the everyday girl and guy, but professional hair stylist have fallen in love with the Curl Bar too. Just imagine twisting your wrists, elbows and shoulders into unusual angles client after client… Neck, shoulder and wrist pain is a very common issue in the hairdressing world, leaving stylist prone to chronic pain, muscle strains and repetitive strain injuries (RSI).

As the Curl Bar forms a 90 degree angle, the need for twisting and turning your arm into unusual angles is reduced, which is exciting news for stylists. The Hot Tools has taken the styling industry by storm, becoming the preferred choice for hairdressers who are on their feet all day.



Additional self care tips for stylists

While the Hot Tools Curl Bar does help reduce certain pains and strains when it comes to curling, a day in the life of a stylist still bears additional health risks. The nature of hair styling makes it difficult to avoid particular actions, meaning RSI is inevitable. Using other styling tools such as a hair straightener or dryer can also leave you bending your shoulders in awkward positions.

Here at Oz Hair & Beauty, we care about our fellow stylists and hair dressers, so here are some extra tips for preventing neck, shoulder and wrist pain:

  1. Get to work early so you can do a few simple stretches before starting your day. Neck rolls, shoulder circles and wrist flexors are perfect for preparing your muscles, just to name a few.
  2. Take mini breaks every few minutes. Literally, put your styling tools down and let your arms rest at your sides. Even give them a little shake to get the muscles to relax again.
  3. Lower your clients chair so you don’t need to raise your arms up as high. If they are still too high, stand on a step stool so your arms and shoulders can always stay low.
  4. Perch yourself on a stool wherever possible. This will take the pressure off your feet and back, which in turn will help reduce shoulder and neck pain.
  5. At the end of the day, do your stretches again!
  6. And last but not least, don’t forget to relax! Have a hot bath, breathe, just chill or treat yourself to a skin care and pamper session - relaxation is the ultimate solution for reducing muscle tension, and you deserve it after a hard day of work!



The Hot Tools Australia needs

The Hot Tools Curl Bar has taken Australia by storm with its innovative, ergonomic design and powerful curl technology. But that isn’t the only Hot Tools appliance you’re gonna love. Hot Tools are also the makers of other incredible styling tools such as the 24K Curling Iron and Gold Titanium Hair Straightener. Basically, this exciting new brand has all the hot tools Australia needs for an effortless, flawless style.

Get the hot tools Australia is talking about from Oz Hair & Beauty right now! Shop our entire Hot Tools collection online today. Don’t forget you can buy now and pay later with Afterpay and get free shipping when you spend over $50.

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Rebekah Chetcuti on May 15, 2019