Flawless hair care routines with Nak hair products under $30

Flawless hair care routines with Nak hair products under $30

Flawless hair care routines with Nak hair products under $30

Just like your skin, your hair needs care - and lots of it. From being straightened, curled, dyed, cut and blasted with heat, our hair gets put through the wringer. Sometimes, we’re also guilty of being a little bit neglectful. While all of this may seem a little scary, there’s no need to worry. You can easily create a hair care routine that will make both you and your hair feel its best.

Plus, what better way to create a well-rounded and nourishing hair care routine, than to do it for under $30! Nak hair products are the key to silky tresses, the restoration of hydration, and the way to tame frizzy hair (amongst other things)! To guide you on to the path of hair care enlightenment, we’ve compiled the perfect routines for different hair types and concerns. Simply take your pick, and fall in love with Nak’s shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments. Let’s get started!

The perfect Nak hair products for all hair types

Having hair products in your daily routine that specifically cater to your hair type is the key to achieving strong, healthy and silky hair. Good thing Nak hair products have exactly what you need when it comes to all of your hair woes. As an Australian haircare company, Nak Hair believe in offering beautiful hair care to not just professional hairdressing salons, but to everyone. See which products are perfect for you below.

Dry, frizzy & curly hair

Let’s face it, frizz and dry hair go hand-in-hand, which means you’re always going to need a little extra moisture and TLC. The first step in any good hair care routine, is the basics - hair conditioner and shampoo. The Nak Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner Duo is exactly what you need. Not only does this 2-for-1 duo seal your hair cuticles and control frizz, but it’s designed to hydrate, smooth and restore moisture balance. It’s also free of sulphates and parabens, and works to detangle your hair!

For more hydration, follow up the conditioner and shampoo with the Nak Ultimate Treatment. This luxurious strengthening treatment from the Nak hair products range rejuvenates hair in just 60 seconds, making it perfect for every busy woman on the go. Not to mention, it returns shine and balance to your hair’s structure, and smoothes any rough porous strands into a manageable condition. After you’ve washed your hair, simply work the treatment through you hair, wait 60 seconds and rinse out! We promise in just a few weeks you’ll see a difference.

Another lovely alternative is the Nak Ultimate Potion. This baby is a thirst-quenching styling serum that has been formulated with a unique Bio-Marine Complex. It’s designed to treat and hydrate hair as you style, and prevent split ends and provide thermal/UV protection. Simply apply a small amount to clean towel-dried hair and leave to dry naturally or style as desired.

Coloured/chemically treated hair

If your hair needs some loving after being coloured and chemically treated on the repeat, these Nak hair products are for you. As always, start with a conditioner and shampoo, a.k.a the Nak Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner Duo. This power couple is going to change your life. These products are designed to nourish and protect your hair from colour fade, while simultaneously adding in much-needed moisture. Among these amazing benefits, the duo also works to increase elasticity and improve manageability.

After washing your hair, you’ll want to finish your routine off with a leave in moisturiser like the Nak Care 4 Ends. This moisturiser can be used year-round, but it’s especially great at protecting your hair from UV rays during the summer; it can also safeguard your hair from high levels of heat styling. Use this moisturiser daily to achieve soft, detangled and effortlessly beautiful hair.

Blonde hair

Keeping those unwanted yellow or brassy tones out of your gorgeous blonde locks can sometimes feel like an uphill battle, but not anymore. Nak is here to rescue you with their signature hair shampoo and conditioner. With violet pigments, the Nak Care Blonde Shampoo gently cleanses your hair while managing any gold or yellow tones. Similarly, the Nak Care Blonde Conditioner, blended with German Chamomile essential oil, restores the moisture to your hair. Don’t let the blue-violet pigments scare you either, they’re going to change your blonde life forever.

Once your hair is squeaky clean, you can turn to the Nak Structure Complex No.3 Bond Enhancer. It's an advanced treatment that has been designed to rescue and repair your hair from inside out. It uses a special bond building technology that will repair the broken bonds in your hair. Perfect for chemically treated and fragile hair. Apply to clean, wet hair and massage it from roots to ends. Leave for 3-5 minutes then rinse thoroughly.

Flat & thin hair

If you have oily, flat or fine-textured hair, this hair care routine filled with Nak hair products is for you. Adding some texture and body to your hair can make a world of difference to your confidence. For that much-needed rejuvenation, look no further than the Nak Body.N.Shine Shampoo & Conditioner. This shampoo and conditioner combo assists in strengthening the hair fibre whilst Marine nutrients improve thickness, add texture and shine. Designed for all of your finer haired girls, the shampoo and conditioner also efficiently and effectively remove any oily residue. Worried about build up? No need! This duo offers weight-free cleansing, so you won’t feel like you’ve caked your hair with product.

Still want a little more texture? A hair care routine wouldn’t be complete without top of the line hair styling products, like the Nak High Volume Texture Spray. Sulphate-free and paraben-free, this texture spray creates high volume, bounce and texture. It resists humidity and also lifts the hair strands at the roots to give you maximum volume. To use it, shake it well and hold it 30cm away from your hair. Then simply spray it evenly onto damp hair before blow-drying or styling. Within seconds, your hair will be on its way to va-va-voom volume!


So you may have noticed that the Nak hair care company recently underwent a massive rebranding of their Nak signature collection (and we’re obsessing over it). This means, however, that you can save 50% off Nak hair products with that classic packaging you know and love. Same quality products, same ingredients, but a different look. Plus, everyone loves a little throwback on a Thursday, right?

Get ‘em while they’re hot, they won’t last long! Shop at Oz Hair & Beauty and buy with Afterpay!

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