Kerastase just released a magic hair serum - and it's amazing

Kerastase just released a magic hair serum - and it's amazing

Kerastase just released a magic hair serum - and it's amazing

For those of us who are already in the Kerastase cult, we know that their whole hair care range really works. Not to mention they’ve created a really diverse range of products that cover hair concerns from blonde hair and dry hair right through to curly hair and their super popular Extentioniste range for those looking to grow their locks. Thanks to this proven track record, we are super excited about their latest product: a hair serum.

Or to be more specific the 8H Magic Night Serum.

We’ll get into more details below about what it actually does. But many of you might also be wondering what the hell a hair serum even is? Aren’t serums for your face? Well, luckily we’re here to tell you all about it if you’re interested. Keep reading to learn more about hair serums and why this Magic Night Serum from Kerastase is the creme de la creme of hair products.

All you need to know about this magic hair serum

What is a hair serum?

To help you better understand the hair serum, it’s something that falls into the hair treatments family. Essentially, it’s designed to repair and enhance your hair on a deeper level than the average conditioner. Similar to a face serum, a hair serum can prep your hair’s surface for the next steps - in this case, that can be the addition of styling products or heat styling.

You’ll also find that hair serums come in all different shapes and sizes. By that, we mean that they can cater to different needs - some will purely get rid of frizz or maybe soothe curly hair, and others will moisturise and add shine. But you’ll find that most will do an excellent job of coating your hair cuticle and strengthening your hair overall.

What is it about this Kerastase hair serum that is so ‘magic’?

So now you know about hair serums, let’s talk about this 8H Magic Serum by our favourite Parisian brand. Designed to be an overnight leave-in serum, you essentially apply and just let it work its magic. The best thing though? It’s designed for all hair types.

The key lies in its potent blend of ingredients, the two heroes being an Iris Root extract and the five vitamin blend. The Iris Root works on both a nutrient and cosmetic level because it helps reverse daytime loss of nutrients and will leave the hair surface glossy and smooth. The blend of vitamins on the other hand will help seal the hair cuticles and keep releasing nutrients into your hair long after it’s applied.

So back on that ‘it’s suitable for every hair type’ thing, it’s actually true! It works for dry hair because it can give it a hydration boost - meaning it’s great for the ends of your hair! The serum also helps detangle fine hair and aids manageability for normal to coarse hair. And, of course, the great thing about it being a leave-in treatment is that you can just wake up and see the results.

The end result is that this magic hair serum should leave your hair super smooth to touch and seal your cuticles to prevent from further damage - think heat styling, environmental aggressors, etc.

Where does a hair serum fit into my routine?

As a hair treatment, a hair serum will be applied AFTER you wash your hair. Like we spoke about in an earlier blog on the benefits of hair treatments, think of this as an extra step in the repair and protection process. Serums can also help with protecting hair from harsh environmental factors so you want to wash your hair first anyway to give it a fresh and clean base. We’d recommend applying the 8H Magic Night Serum after you’ve towel dried your hair.

How do I use it?

Pump the serum into the palms of your hands - use 2-4 pumps depending on the length and thickness of your hair. We love applying the hair serum to damp hair so just wash and towel dry then apply on your lengths with extra focus on the ends. Being an overnight serum, we’d recommend this for nighttime use so you can really let it soak in while you sleep.

We also enjoy applying this little miracle worker to dry hair as a smoothing serum to tame flyaways and frizz.

Get ready for super smooth hair now

We know it can be overwhelming to pick a product with so many hair serum choices on the market but trust us when we say that this 8H Magic Night Serum is worth the money. Pair it with your favourite Kerastase shampoo and conditioner to get the best results. If you need any help picking the right one for your hair concerns, simply contact us and we’ll be able to get you going in the right direction.

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