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L'Oreal's Steampod hair straightener: a must-have for all beauty gurus

Want hydrated, gorgeously straightened hair? Yeah, we thought so. Introduced back in 2012, L'Oreal's Steampod Hair Straightener is still a big player in the hair straightening game. With unique steam technology, this baby gives you straight, smooth and frizz-free hair while holding in your hair’s natural moisture. Unlike some other flat irons, the Steampod doesn’t dry out your hair - which is especially good for all of you dry headed babes out there.

If you’re on the search for the perfect hair straightener that will keep your hair healthier, shiner and hydrated - look no further!

How is it different from every other hair straightener, you ask? Well, this professional, state of the art steam straightening iron allows for continuous steam to flow gently and efficiency through the hair fibres, repairing them as it styles. This means you can achieve straight or curly hair quicker with longer lasting results. What does this mean for you? Perfect straight and shiny hair, or playful and voluptuous wavy curls that everyone will envy.



Why is it so damn good?

Fine, we’ll admit it - we’re a little obsessed with this hair straightener. Can you blame us though? It’s got everything you could possibly need!  

Why is it so good? We’ll lay it down for you. With its unique design, the Steampod allows steam to pass through the hair during styling, which locks in hydration, smooths your hair and minimises any damage.

The size of the straightener makes straightening, curling or making waves quick and easy - faster than traditional straighteners!

Let’s talk about the size. Now while the straightener does have two cords compared to the standard one, and you do have to use distilled water, trust us when we say it’s worth it…

  • An intuitive control panel means choosing and locking in the perfect temperature setting for your hair and style is easier than ever.
  • Steam seals the cuticle of your hair for a completely polished, silky smooth finish
  • The steampod also has anodised floating plates to help minimise damage as well as seal the cuticle for smoother, healthier looking hair.
  • Thick hair, curly hair, dry hair - no matter your hair type - the Steampod will help you achieve the perfect style, everytime.

So, how do I use the Steampod hair straightener?

  • The steampod styling tool is best used on dry hair.
  • Start by dividing your hair into 1-inch sections and gently press the plate together over each part.
  • Where possible, use the least number of passes needed to achieve a smooth section of hair (the high pressure steam will take care of the rest)
  • Continue this process for your entire head until you have smooth, sleek, silky hair all over.
  • To help minimise breakage and damage further, use the steampod with some heat protectant spray.



The good news is that you can order your very own L’Oreal Professional Steampod online with Afterpay today.

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posted by

Caitlin Whan on April 03, 2019