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Nak shampoo and conditioner for dry, blonde and fine hair

Whether you’re Dry, Blonde or Fine, there’s a Nak Shampoo and Conditioner for you

When it comes to hair care, we all have different needs. Different hair care products aren’t perfect for absolutely everyone. We are all unique and different in our style, in our personalities, in our skin care and of course in our hair. Nak hair get this. They understand the many different needs that our hair has, which is why they have the perfect Nak shampoo and conditioner for everyone.

Some of the most common hair concerns we face include managing dryness, avoiding brassiness in blonde colours and adding volume to fine hair. If you face one of these three issues you’ll know the struggle with your daily hair care routine. Whether it’s trying to control that dreaded frizz, feeling unhappy with the colour in your blonde hair or spending hours teasing your hair to achieve that much needed volume. Each of these problems require individual solutions which is why there is a Nak shampoo and conditioner designed to target your specific needs. Whether you’re dry, blonde or fine, this quick guide will help you decide what to pick.

Which Nak Shampoo and Conditioner should you pick?

Dry Hair: Pick Nak Nourishing

Dry hair can be the result of many different things, from weather changes to styling damage to the shampoo you use.  But no matter the reason why your hair is dry, one thing is always certain - it is a pain to manage. Restoring dryness can come down to a few different things such as avoiding brushing your hair when it is wet, applying a deep conditioning hair treatment once a week or using an ion blow dryer. But it could also be as simple as changing the shampoo and conditioner you use.

The Nak Nourishing shampoo and conditioner is specifically designed for coarse, dry hair. It includes intense moisturising and nutritional qualities that work to replenish moisture in your hair as well as repair any damage. This results in increasing your hair’s shine, minimising colour fade and most importantly improving the manageability of your hair.

The nourishing Nak shampoo and conditioner is also sulphate and paraben free. These chemicals are large contributors to dryness, which is why so often your current shampoo can be what is causing the dryness! Simply apply your Nak shampoo to wet hair and massage from the roots to the tips, and rinse. When applying your nourishing conditioner to clean wet hair, gently massage from the scalp to hair tips.  It is also recommended to leave the formula in your hair for 1 - 5 minutes so your hair can absorb the hydrating nutrients, and then rinse as normal.



Blonde Hair: Pick Nak Blonde Plus

When we decide to go blonde, we never predict how disappointing it will be when the brassiness starts coming through. Maintaining that cool, salon fresh colour can become expensive and annoying, plus continuously applying hair colour and toners can end up damaging your hair. However the solution to this can be as simple as picking the right Nak shampoo and conditioner.

The Nak Blonde Plus shampoo and conditioner is designed for both natural and colour treated hair. The formulas are packed with a host of ingredients that will leave you with the shade of blonde you desire. Added proteins work to repair and strengthen colour damaged hair, while SPF helps to prevent colour fade. But importantly this blonde shampoo / conditioner has a vibrant violet colour that will eliminate those yellow brassy tones. We all know how purple shampoo works, so it makes sense to make it part of your daily hair washing regime!

The Blonde Plus shampoo also offers soothing and healing properties to fortify your hair structure and prevent it from future damage. The Blonde Plus conditioner on the other hand will hydrate, soften and smooth leaving you with healthy, shiny blonde hair.



Fine Hair: Pick Nak Body.n.Shine

If you have thin, fine hair you’ll understand how hard styling can be. Voluminous curls? Think again. Straight styles that don’t look limp and dull? You can try.. Fine hair can leave you with limited styling options, which can more than often leave you feeling down and unhappy with your hair. You need thickness, texture and volume and yes, you guessed it there is a Nak shampoo and conditioner that can save the day.

Nak Body.n.Shine shampoo and conditioner is designed for fine or colour treated hair. Body.n.Shine will assist your hair fibres in becoming stronger than ever. Complete with Marine nutrients, this Nake shampoo and conditioner will improve the thickness of your hair, add texture and increase shine, leaving you with beautiful volume. The formula is also sulphate and paraben free as harsh chemicals can often prevent finer hair from absorbing the nutrients it needs to become stronger.

To achieve the fuller hair that you crave use the Body.n.Shine shampoo and conditioner when washing your hair. Simply apply the shampoo to wet hair and gently massage a small amount in to scalp and hair. Rinse thoroughly and repeat the process with your conditioner.



So which one are you? Dry, blonde or fine? No matter what your hair needs are, there is a Nak shampoo and conditioner with your name on it. Now that you know which one to pick, go ahead and shop the full Nak collection online. Don’t forget you can buy now and pay later with Afterpay and we deliver for free when you spend over $50!

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Rebekah Chetcuti on July 08, 2019