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Five products every curly hair gal needs in her bathroom cupboard

Having curly hair is a little like playing Russian roulette. You never really know what your hair is going to be like when you wake up. One day it can be beautiful and defined as if you’ve spent hours with your own personal hairstylist, the next frizzy and knotted as if you’ve been dragged through a hedge.

Fortunately, having an arsenal of trusted and hardworking hair products can make a big difference - and prevent you having to gamble with your locks when you wake up every morning. So, here are five life saving products everyone with curly hair needs in their bathroom cupboard.

A good hair brush

Anyone with curly hair will remember the pain of forcibly having their hair brushed as a child... *shudders*. Your hair brushing routine may be on your own terms now, however having a good hair brush will make all the difference during this often painful experience. The Wet Brush Detangling Hair Brush, is great for detangling knotted hair after a wash.

Detangle your hair, without damage.The Wet Brush bristles are designed to prevent pulling and breaking hair, while the non-slip handle makes it easy to grip. As the name suggests, it’s great to use on wet hair but also works equally well on dry locks too. Say goodbye to the pain, and hello to healthier hair!

Leave in conditioner

Curly hair by nature is generally very coarse, dry and uncontrollable, which is why extra hydration is essential. Using conditioner is great, however using an extra nourishing leave in conditioner is even better. Pravana Nevo Intense Therapy Leave In Conditioner, is hydrating, lightweight and won’t leave your hair feeling crisp or sticky. When your curly locks are hydrated, this means less frizz and more control.

Oil treatment

Contrary to what you might think, hair and oil can be a great mix. What’s even better however, is curly hair and oil. A treatment like Moroccanoil treatment, is incredibly versatile. Use it as an intensive hair treatment on the ends or all over, or as a serum to get rid of flyaways (which are unfortunately all too common with or curly hair). Adding some oil treatment here and there can surprisingly do wonders for uncontrollable curls, just be sure to use small amounts at a time, building up the treatment rather than diving in head first.

Anti-Frizz shampoo

What goes hand in hand with curls? Frizz. When you don’t have time to fuss around with oils an anti-frizz shampoo could do the trick. Fight you frizz on a regular basis with Vitafive Cpr Frizzy Shampoo. Packed with a blend of carob amino acids, collagen and argan oil, this will leave hair looking and feeling smooth, soft and shiny (minus the frizz of course!)

Sea Salt Spray

Who doesn’t love those fresh-from-the-beach waves? A sea-salt spray like KMS Sea Salt Spray, is the easiest way to add texture to your curls and rescue them from a bad hair day. Simply spritz, scrunch with your hands and you’re good to go. This is great for turning your not so great bed hair into something that is worth leaving the house for. It’s easy, effortless and perfect for curly tresses.

posted by

Brittany Stewart on September 26, 2018