Healthy hair tips to repair and hydrate your locks

Healthy hair tips to repair and hydrate your locks

Healthy hair tips to repair and hydrate your locks

Hair… it’s a difficult business. As much love as we give it, we often find that our hair health is less than desirable. Let’s be honest, it works pretty hard for us considering we put it through sun exposure, extreme heat styling and general neglect sometimes.

While every head of hair is different and there are so many different hair types, it’s safe to say there is some level of dehydration or restoration that is needed. Who doesn’t want shiny, healthy hair, right?

Shampoos and conditioners play a big part in how our hair looks and we could talk about how important hair treatments are forever - seriously, read our blog - it all comes down to the fact that we need to be a little more educated about the products we use. And it’s so important to remember that for an extra 5-10 minutes out of your day, you can really help your hair out. Especially when brands are developing treatments designed to help repair and hydrate your hair.

This week, we’re giving away a choice of either TIGI’s Hair Reborn Treatment of Restoration or Treatment of Moisture Balance with every order on Oz Hair & Beauty this week, so we’d thought we’d talk about routines for rehydration and reparation and how these great little treatments fit into it.

If you’re looking for hydration…

Hot tools and chemical treatments can really put your hair through the wringer and completely drain it of any moisture. This leaves your hair brittle and prone to breakage, and you can visibly see that it isn’t shiny anymore either.

First off, we’d recommend a little bit of a heat styling detox as hard as that may sound because like our bodies, our hair just needs a break sometimes. Or at the very least, get yourself a really good heat protectant spray if you’re going to persist with it.

Lack of hydration can also come from using too much shampoo or one that contains SLS, because it can strip your hair and scalp of its natural oils. We’re not ones to tell you how often you need to wash your hair but to make sure your hair stays hydrated, invest in a good shampoo and conditioner combo. The Tigi Catwalk Oatmeal + Honey Nourishment Shampoo and conditioner has been specifically designed to moisturise and condition dry and frizzy hair. We promise you that you won’t be able to get over how smooth your hair is!

Then work in the TIGI Hair Reborn Treatment of Moisture Balance. Think of it as a hair mask that has been designed to replenish your hair with lost Lipids through innovative technologies like Hyper Distillation and the MicroMarine Compound - made from sea kelp, aloe vera, babassu oil and green tea polyphenols. Expect to see shinier and moisture filled hair straight away. It’s also designed to be colour safe so you can use it right after your latest colouring appointment!

If you’re looking for restoration…

If you’re hair is almost beyond saving and you can’t remember the last time it looked and felt healthy, you’ll want to go for the Treatment of Restoration as your gift with purchase. TIGI describes it as a journey of awakening, and it’ll re-introduce you to healthy hair.

Using the same Hyper Distillation technology as the Moisture Balance treatment, this restoration one pairs it instead with ProLipid 3 - consisting of Keratin, Keravis and Babassu Oil - to again target Lipid replenishment but also seal the cuticle and rebuild the protein levels in the hair fibre. This results in hair that is strengthened from within and consequently, shinier and healthier hair from the outside as well.

When your hair is super damaged, it’s basically time for a full hair rehab. Again, it’s time to get yourself a good shampoo and conditioner - in this case, we’d go with the TIGI Bed Head Elastic Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner, which is full of protein and elastin and will help make your damaged locks stronger. And you absolutely need to give your hair a bit of a break from the heat styling, and if the bleach has ruined your hair, let it grow out - yas, we know it will look gross - then ask your hair stylist to give it the chop and start fresh!

How to use the treatments:

  1. Shampoo your hair as normal and rinse.
  2. While your hair is damp, apply a small amount to your hair and use a shower comb to brush it through for even application.
  3. Wait 10 minutes then rinse
  4. Apply conditioner and finish off your hair washing routine!

We totally understand that everyone’s hair is different but this is a good start to getting it back on track. Plus it's only 10 minutes out of your day, a few times a week. If you need any help with your hair treatment, don’t hesitate to contact us and we can give you further recommendations on hair routines to try.

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