Why you need this revolutionary wrinkle treatment in your life

You know how people say that the neck is the first to show signs of aging? They’re not wrong. Many women - even the die hard skincare nuts - forget about the area once they’ve moisturised their face. As a result, your neck and décolletage can start getting fine lines pretty quickly. This is where Wrinkle Schminkles comes in.

Brainchild of Aussie Gabrielle Requena, it all started when she found a gap in the market for wrinkle treatment of other areas of the body. From that came a three-year process working with medical grade silicon and finally creating the perfect adhesive pad that works its magic - all while you’re asleep!

The beauty brand has since been featured on the Today Show in America and even scored a look in from Khloe Kardashian’s Revenge Body and the Real Housewives of Sydney, plus some seriously convincing results and reviews. Now we have it in stock at Oz Hair & Beauty so we thought we’d talk about why it’s worth a try.

It has medical grade silicon as its base

What’s so good about silicon anyway, we hear you asking. Well, doctors have long been using medical grade silicon as a successful treatment for scarring for a very long time, so it’s only natural that they work to keep wrinkles away as well. The Wrinkles Schminkles pads are 100% medical grade silicon, which also boosts hydration, moisture and stimulates blood flow to the surface of the skin.

The magic happens while you’re asleep!

Yep, that’s right. You just need to stick it on and go to bed. The idea for the Wrinkle Schminkles pads were born from owner Gabrielle’s side sleeping ways, which can really enhance chest wrinkles. So it’s kind of like a chest and neck plate that keeps your skin taut while to roll around in bed.

They have a great aftercare range

So while the magic happens when you’re asleep, it doesn’t mean they don’t have products to help during the day. After peeling off your Wrinkle Schminkles Pad in the morning, jump in the shower and cleanse the area, then apply the Morning After Glow Serum. It’s filled with antioxidants to fight those pesky wrinkles as well as fatty acids to firm plump & nourish the skin. A Cleaning Solution will help clean the pads so you can re-use them - you can get up to 20 wears out of one pad!

They even have a men’s Wrinkles Schminkles range

It’s great because we’re big believers of guys investing some time into self care as well! The Men’s Eye Smoothing Kit can be a great starter option for the special man in your life - start small, right? It’s not just about treating the crow’s feet but it can just help stimulate collagen, de-puff eyes and have them waking up looking refreshed! And who doesn’t want that?

They’ve got products for other parts of your body as well!

Even though Wrinkles Schminkles started with the neck and chest, they’ve now expanded into other problem areas. Our favourites are the Forehead Smoothing Kit and the Eye Smoothing Kit - just to ensure that the focus areas of our faces are looking fresh. But you’re also covered if your mouth and of course, chest and neck are concerns as well. 

Shop the full Wrinkles Schminkles range on Oz Hair & Beauty today.

posted by

Anthony Nappa on October 19, 2018