Why we’re obsessed with Salt By Hendrix

Why we’re obsessed with Salt By Hendrix

Why we’re obsessed with Salt By Hendrix

We have recently welcomed yet another luxurious beauty brand to our exciting range, and we are obsessed. If you’re a lover of insta-worthy brand packaging and premium beauty products, then you’ll appreciate our recent obsession with Salt by Hendrix.

Resonating with mermaid princesses and beach goddesses, Salt offers an exclusive collection of skincare and fragrance that is nourishing and nurturing for your soul. Lap in luxury and enjoy an uplifting experience both inside and out.

Salt by Hendrix embraces organic purity, sourcing the finest plant based ingredients from around the world. Rich botanic minerals give skincare purpose and intention. Antioxidants and vitamins enhance wellbeing and leave your skin and mind feeling balanced. And the botanical scents will energise, revive and inspire you to be kind to the world and your soul.

Facial oils: A super food for your skin

Strong advocates of being kind to your soul and your skin, Salt delivers an adoring selection of premium face products, including facial masks, oils and tonics. We’re particularly loving the Salt by Hendrix Mermaid Facial Oil. Treat your skin with the tender love and care of rich Omega 6 and Omega 9 fatty acids, Vitamins A and E and linoleic and oliec acids. Designed to improve the elasticity of your skin, this beautiful oil is intensely hydrating, yet feels light as a feather.

Nourish your body, nurture your soul

Keep your skin silky smooth and smelling absolutely incredible with Salt by Hendrix’s selection of body oils, scrubs and polishes. The multi-purpose Bath to Body Oil is perfect as a direct body oil after a steamy shower, but also equally perfect for adding to your bath for an extra luxurious, relaxing and hydrating experience. Another one of our favourites is the Luxe Oil + Salt Scrub. Infused with jasmine and rose, and made from salts sourced from the Dead Sea, this gorgeous scrub will exfoliate and moisturise your body leaving your soul invigorated.

Face Rollers: Improve your skin (and your life)

Speaking of invigorating, we have saved the best for last. Face Rollers. You’ve probably seen them all over Instagram and if you’re unfamiliar with the concept you’re probably wondering what all the hype is about. Epitomising luxury, beauty and wellness, face rollers are basically a modern day skincare applicator that promotes circulation and encourages skin cell rejuvenation, working to combat puffiness and water retention in your face and neck.

Salt by Hendrix brings you two luxurious face rollers, each offering unique healing powers to cleanse your skin and soul:

Jade Face Roller - instills confidence, calms the nervous system and promotes healing. Good vibes only.

Rose Quartz Face Roller - the stone of unconditional love that opens the heart to all types of love (self love included).

How to use a face roller

Apply a Salt by Hendrix oil (our favourite Mermaid Oil for example) to your face, neck and decolletage. Starting at your jawline, use the wider end of your roller to massage across the areas where oil has been applied. Use the narrow end around your under eye and upper brow bone. To assist in minimising fine lines and wrinkles, we recommend using the roller in an upward direction when massaging.

If you love mermaids, magic and feeling like a goddess (as well as aesthetically pleasing brand packaging) then you’ll love Salt by Hendrix. Browse the entire Salt by Hendrix range for more heavenly beauty products online at Oz Hair & Beauty today.

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