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5 silk pillowcase benefits & why you need one

If you’re not sleeping on a silk pillowcase already, you’re missing out babe. If not for the luxurious look and feel, then do it for the endless list of silk pillowcase benefits for your skin and hair.

For years on end, us girls have been trying everything and anything to keep our skin radiant and our hair strong and healthy, when all this time we could have been doing all of that in our sleep.

The idea of a silk pillowcase might seem like a luxury, but you do spend approximately 26 years of your life sleeping - so why not invest in bedware and sleep products that add benefits beyond comfort alone?

A silk pillowcase will change your life and here’s why (we’ll also recommend the best silk pillowcase too!).

5 silk pillowcase benefits:

5 reasons why silk pillowcases are really good for you

1. Say goodbye to split ends and bed hair

The natural properties of silk, such as its silky smooth surface, can help reduce friction on your hair as you move in your sleep - which often causes damage like split ends. This means no more waking up with frizzy hair, unwanted “bed head” or split ends. As you toss and turn throughout the night, your hair will simply glide across your new White Marble Silk Pillowcase.



2. Say hello to hydrated skin

Sleeping on silk helps to retain the moisture in your skin, which means your nighttime skincare routine won’t go to waste. Silk is less absorbent than materials like cotton, meaning your expensive moisturiser will absorb into your skin and not into your dirty cotton pillowcase. One of our favourite silk pillowcase benefits if you ask us!

Oh, and silk pillowcases are also naturally hypoallergenic! Which is great if you frequently get allergic reactions or have super-sensitive skin.



3. No more pillow lines

Waking up with those dreaded pillow lines on your face in the morning isn’t great for your skin. But this can easily be avoided with a silk pillowcase. The smooth surface will keep your face free of fine lines and wrinkles, which has an anti-ageing effect on your skin too - winning! Smoother skin from just a night's sleep? Sign us up.



4. Extend your hair styling efforts

Every girl will agree that the struggle is very real when it comes to styling your hair. It can take hours to get our hair looking good and once we do, we like to maintain it for as long as we can. Fear not! Because yet again a silk pillowcase has your back, girl. As your hair glides across your pillow, friction is reduced which as well as reducing split ends also works to retain your styling efforts. If you really want to go to the extra effort, you can even try silk sleep bonnet. A silk sleep bonnet offers pretty much the same the benefits as the pillowcase, and can be worn wherever you lay your head. Who knew there were so many silk pillowcase benefits for your skin and hair!



5. Longer, stronger lashes

Whether you’ve got lash extensions or not, one fantastic silk pillowcase benefit is helping to prevent lash fallout. No friction means your extensions will last longer and your natural lashes will also stay put.



So, are silk pillowcases good? Yas! Are silk pillowcases better than cotton? Also yas! With so many silk pillowcase benefits you’re surely wondering where you can get one. Well, you’re in luck, because we are so excited to introduce you to your new favourite beauty product - Shhh Silk pillowcases! These silk pillowcases are the best in the game and are now available at Oz Hair & Beauty!

Shop your very own today and get your beauty sleep tonight (literally).

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Rebekah Chetcuti on October 31, 2018