Skin Sandwiching: The skincare method from Korea that everyone is talking about

Winter is officially upon us. If the unrelenting chill has brought upon dry skin, you may want to lean on the 'moisture sandwich' technique to dust off dehydration. "Moisture sandwiching" is among the latest buzzy skincare phrases to capture our attention, promising to give you the hydrated and glowing skin you desire!  

Skin Sandwiching, also known as "moisture sandwiching," is a technique designed to deeply moisturise your skin and even repair a damaged skin barrier, leaving you with brighter and more hydrated skin than ever before. This method originated in Korea and has since been approved by dermatologists and praised by industry experts! 



Let us further break down why you should incorporate this unique stacking technique into your routine. From how you should approach sandwiching your skin to the types of products you should use. 


What is Skin Sandwiching?  

So, what is skin sandwiching, and should you try it? The technique involves applying skincare products to damp skin within three seconds after cleansing, rather than patting your skin dry. Layering products on top of damp skin enhances absorption and ensures that skin remains hydrated. By sealing in hydration, this technique helps to prevent trans-epidermal moisture loss, which can lead to dry and dull skin. 

As well as applying your skincare products to damp skin, you can take moisture sandwiching a step further by layering your skin products with the lightest texture first and gradually building up to heavier ones. Begin with your lightest textured products first (think a fine, hydrating face mist, for example) before blanketing skin in heavier products, starting with serums and then a moisturiser. Make sure to wait 30 seconds between each product layer to prevent pilling. 


Benefits of Skin Sandwiching?  

Anyone can benefit from skin sandwiching but especially people who are suffering from dry, dull, or lacklustre skin. People who suffer from weakened or damaged skin barriers swear by this technique to improve their skin barrier due to the gentle nature of the routine! Following this routine will enhance your skincare experience, dampening your face helps with product penetration allowing your skin to receive skincare better. 


How to include Skin Sandwiching in your routine 

Step 1: Cleanse your face with the Image Skincare OrMedic Balancing Facial Cleanser this mild gel cleanser gently sweeps away impurities, leaving the skin soft, hydrated and refreshed. After cleansing your face leave your skin slightly damp – don’t dry it with a towel! 



Step 2: Apply the Image Skincare Ageless Total Pure Hyaluronic 6 Filler to support the penetration of the serum's ingredients into the skin. Containing six forms of lower and higher molecular weight hyaluronic acids you can expect a noticeable boost of hydration and fills in fine lines without an injection. 



Step 3: Follow with your thicker products to lock in everything! The Image Skincare PREVENTION + Daily Ultimate Moisturizer will lock in hydration and keep your skin looking plump and radiant. 



Step 4: Don’t forget your lips! Dampen your mouth with tap water and apply your face moisturiser to your lips, follow with the Image Skincare OrMedic Balancing Lip Enhancement Complex to ensure the water-loving ingredients a chance to work their magic. 



And now your ‘sandwich’ is complete. By following this simple yet effective routine, you can achieve smoother, more nourished skin. 

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