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The haircare range that will not only strengthen, but lengthen your hair

We all wish there was a magic product that could instantly make our hair longer. Unfortunately, that doesn’t quite exist yet (although extensions are great if you don’t mind faking it!)

Want to do it the natural way? It’s going to take time. But there are products that can help.

When it comes to growing hair fast, speed is out of your control. The secret to getting more length is all in helping your hair be as strong and healthy as it can be. Then it’s in the best position to grow and give you the (slightly) longer hair of your dreams.

One solution we love? The Kerastase Resistance Extentioniste range. Covering all your hair needs, the collection features a shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and even a serum.

The basic principle behind the range is to rebuild weak and damaged hair, whether that’s from over-dying or frequent heat styling. By going right to the, erm, root of the problem, it restores the hair fibre, strengthening it to prevent hair breakage and putting it in the best condition to grow. No, it’s not going to give you Rapunzel lengths overnight, but it will give you results you can visibly see.

Here’s how to get strengthened (and lengthened!) hair in four easy steps.


You’d be surprised at how little product is actually needed to get the best results. Squeeze just a 10 cent coin amount in to your hand, apply to wet hair and massage through the lengths and ends until it gets nice and foamy, then rinse.

The shampoo uses creatine, an amino acid that penetrates deeply to reinforce the internal structure of the hair fibre. Ceramide smooths and softens on the surface, while another amino acid, Taurine, gives a protective effect on the hair fibre to help create a healthy and stimulated scalp environment which will encourage your hair to grow.


Now you’ve cleansed the hair, it’s time to seal it and add that all important shine. This is a powerful detangling conditioner, designed for damaged and slow growing hair. Again, apply a 10 cent coin sized amount onto wet hair, this time applying only from the middle (about ear height) to the ends.

This will ensure your roots don’t look and feel greasy after just a day. Leave on for 2-3 minutes so it can work its magic, then rinse thoroughly. It also contains Maleic Acid, very small particles that reach the hair fibre to reinforce and seal hair cuticles with a uniform coating from roots to ends.


Your hair deserves a treat from time to time! Using a mask once or twice a week will help keep it at it’s best. Apply a small amount onto wet hair, again focusing about halfway down to the ends. Leave for 5-10 minutes, then rinse. The mask is conditioning without feeling heavy and will strengthen your hair to minimise breakage and make it super shiny too.


The extra step that will make all the difference. After you’ve completed the above three steps, towel dry your hair. Position the serum pippette directly at the root of your hair, starting at the front and working towards the back. Drop about two pipettes worth for fine hair, and four for thick hair.

Use your fingers to massage the serum into the roots, working in sections to make it more manageable. Finish off with a quick (or long, if you’ve got the time - you deserve it!) massage of your whole head to ensure the serum has been distributed evenly. No need to wash this out - leave in and blow dry as normal.

posted by

Brittany Stewart on August 29, 2018