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We Tried Vida Glow And Here's What We REALLY Thought Of It

If you are looking to introduce ingestible beauty to your skincare routine, but feel a little sceptical about whether they actually work. Here to share with you, are real results and honest truths after trailing a few of the products in different combinations ourselves. 


Vida Glow Radiance Capsules & Natural Marine Collagen 

Emily, 30, Skincare Concerns = Pigmentation and lack of radiance 

If you are one to suffer from pigmentation, like myself, you look for all the answers on how you can reduce it, or even banish it. I never thought there were products out there that would ACTUALLY work, until I came across this array of ingestibles! 

Unfortunately was I led to believe that waxing my upper lip would be a breeze for me all those years ago, but much to my disappointment it has left me with what I call, a pigmentash. The hardest thing for me is not the hair removal process, but in fact, as soon as the sun comes out the dark, uneven pigmentation that graces my upper lip does too. As much as I worship the sun and love my daily dose of Vitamin D, I also know that it causes havoc on for my skin. Though pigmentation is completely normal, many people have it, and it is not rare or something necessarily to be concerned about, there are a few options that you can try in order to reduce it. Sadly for me, keeping my face out of the sun is one of them (heart breaks).  


The good news is, Vida Glow have graced us with their once-daily Radiance Capsules, which specifically target the overall skin tone by increasing luminosity, and reducing dark spots and discolouration. Now when I came across these, I obviously had to try them. I'm already a HUGE fan of the Natural Marine Collagen, and have been taking the Mango, Pineapple and Blueberry sachets everyday in my morning smoothies for about a year now. A friend kindly gifted me a box of VG at a party, and I thought it was 'yet another ingestible brand' but I was completely wrong, and that is when the love affair began. The difference in the hydration levels in my skin, and the increased radiance and glow was seriously noticeable. I look back at photos and can't believe how much my skin has improved. Plus, it is probably the easiest way to glowing skin, by pouring your fave flavoured sachet into your fave drink of choice!



Now back to the radiance capsules. From the Advanced Repair Range of Vida Glow, these daily ingestibles are a unique blend of potent and bioavailable actives that addresses uneven, discoloured skin caused by excess melanin production. So perfect for me right? I took one of these bad boys after my breakfast every morning for 2 months, and already began to notice the difference in my skin. Disclaimer - Remember I do also take the Natural Marine Collagen in my smoothies, which increases the levels of collagen production leading to radiant skin, so this was a double whammy for me. The capsules are clinically proven to increase luminosity by 26%, and reduce dark circles by 12% (say farewell to tired eyes too), but remember, consistency is KEY and you must take these ingestibles daily in order to see the magic work.  


Here you can see the difference in my skin, after a years worth of Natural Marine Collagen 1-2 times a day, 2 months of consistent Radiance Capsules, keeping my face out of the sun, and a whole load of SPF and Niacinimide! Trust the process, it will take time and everyones skin is different, but believe me, the results are worth the wait. 



The Hyaluronic Complex - Acai Berry  

James, 28, Skincare Concerns = Dry Skin & Eye Bags 

If you're looking for intense hydration, and skin bouncing like a trampoline, then the Vida Glow Hyaluronic Complex Acai Berry shots are for you. Not only will they hydrate and restore your skin with an immediate effect, they'll also revive your dehydrated skin bringing it back to living its best life. With teeny-tiny micro-molecules of Hyaluronic Acid, they makes it easier for your body to absorb, and are much better at binding water to your skin than if you were to press a serum onto your skin. And the on-the-go formula is designed with real Acai extract which allows for a refreshing hydration boost, just when your skin needs it! 


"I’ve never taken collagen supplements or any supplements for my skin before. I was eager to try a couple of products from Vida Glow, especially as I approach 30 I’m really starting to notice a difference in my skin. On day one I got straight into the Hyaluronic Complex Acai Berry shots where you receive 14 vials in one box. I took one every day for 2 weeks before my morning coffee. I’m not a lover of sweet things but the Acai Berry flavour wasn’t too bad and because it’s in a shot form it goes down in one gulp. 


I also got to try the Original Marine Collagen Sachets. There were plenty of flavours to choose from; peach, mango, blueberry but the unflavoured one sounded the most appealing to me. I received a box of 30 sachets and would dissolve one every morning after my Hyaluronic Complex shot. After taking these two products for 14 days I definitely noticed a difference in my skin’s hydration, especially as I’m on a job site in the cold most mornings my skin can feel pretty dry. 


I would 100% recommend the Hyaluronic Complex Acai Berry shots and would give these a 10/10 as I saw a noticeable difference. I hope they make more flavours in the future and even ended up getting myself another round of them. As for the Collagen I get why so many people take these everyday as my skin felt a lot smoother after the 30 days and I’ve even noticed the bags under my eyes lessen. I guess having a combination of the two really worked for me and it’s something I actually enjoy doing for myself now." 


Vida Glow Marine Collagen & Anti-G-Ox 

Jasmine, 23, Skin inflammation, Dullness & Breakouts 

Now we all know the effects of the damage that is caused from the environment to our skin's health right? So, there's this thing call glycation, and unfortunately, we will all suffer from it. Glycation is a naturally occuring chemical reaction that will cause the sugar molecules (glucose & fructose) to bind to proteins within the body, and our beautiful skin. This then leads to the ageing process. When this occurs, the proteins involved in this process become damaged, and they are unable to perform to their highest potential, in other words, when these sugar molecules bind to the protein in our skin, the elastin and collagen aren't supported efficiently leading to skin inflammation, dullness, fine lines and other forms of ageing.  


Many factors including high sugar consumption, UV exposure, air pollution and a poor lifestyle can lead to this! Now sadly nothing can reverse this damage however Vida Glow's Anti-G-Ox can absolutely slow it down, wahooo! Full of antioxidants to help neutralise free radicals, and boasting of ingredients such as Niacinimide and Biotin, these ingestibles help to balance the blood sugar levels to promote better collagen health, promoting regeneration for a more youthful-looking complexion!  



My main skin concerns were breakouts, skin inflammation & dullness and they were getting really bad, so I was super excited to try Vida Glow. I knew consistency would be key in seeing results so, for the first 2 weeks I would set alarms on my phone until it eventually became a part of my daily routine.  

I added the Marine Collagen to my morning coffee (original flavour) and with my evening tea (peach flavour). I’ve tried collagen powders in the past and they would always overpower the taste of my drink (even if it had no flavour) so I was put off for a while, but it was a nice surprise to not taste the Vida Glow Marine Collagen Original in my morning coffee and the Peach flavour made my green tea taste nicer.  

I have the biggest, sweet tooth which I guess has a lot to do with why I breakout so much. I started replacing my sweet treats with the Anti-G-Ox powder (berry flavour) which I would take straight on the tongue every afternoon when I felt like I needed a pick-me-up. It literally tastes like a berry sherbet and my sweet cravings were satisfied. A true game changer.  

Over the last 2 months of taking these consistently, my skin has never looked so glowy and radiant. My inflammation, breakouts and uneven skin texture has significantly improved thanks to this duo. Vida Glow is officially part of my daily routine!” 



 So there you have it, 3 very honest results, and 3 HUGE fans of Vida Glow's ingestible beauty! The rule is, consistency is key and you'll notice a difference in the health of your skin. Try yours today at Oz Hair and Beauty and tell us what you think as we would love to hear your thoughts!