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JS Sloane

The dapper gentlemen should look no further than JS Sloane’s collection of grooming products for their hair styling needs.

Drawing inspiration from the silver screen’s leading men during the golden age of Hollywood, JS Sloane products are ideal for creating your new own take on the traditional brilliantined look. Ranging from lightweight to heavyweight holds, JS Sloane’s men’s styling products are packaged in old-world retro jars and tins.

When you want a sharp look with nary a hair out of place, JS Sloane is the first name that comes to mind.

JS Sloane’s pomades and waxes might have that old-fashioned look, but they’ve only borrowed the best characteristics of traditional hair products and kept their more undesirable traits firmly in the past where they belong. Non-greasy, light and natural to wear and easy to wash out, JS Sloane’s men’s styling products are thoroughly modern in every way that matters.

Discover your inner gentleman and shop the range of JS Sloane men’s products at Oz Hair & Beauty today.