Why the Dafni hair straightening brush is going to change your life

Why the Dafni hair straightening brush is a life changer

If you’re counting your hair straightener as one of the top 3 things you’d take with you on a deserted island, we’ve got the hair styler for you babe. It’s the Dafni hair straightening brush, the ‘OG’ hair straightening brush that took the beauty world by storm back in 2015. Ever since then, more and more brands have been creating their own versions, adding to it and customising it to create game-changing hot brushes.

The latest, and probably most highly anticipated, to hop onto the trend has been ghd with their ghd Glide Professional Hot Brush. You’re probably already familiar with this version - and if you aren’t, you should totally check out our blog on it. Both of these hair straightening brushes are amazing at what they do, but we just can’t resist obsessing over the Dafni brush. If you missed out on the ghd hot brush, you’ll want to get your hands on this one.

What makes the Dafni hair straightening brush so good?

We’ve all been there: one minute it’s the weekend, and the next thing you know it’s Monday morning and you’ve got half an hour to wake up, get ready and be at work. Ugh, the worst. Instead of throwing your hair into a messy bun, what if we told you you can get flawless, silky tresses and save time for an extra sleep in? Enter the Dafni hair straightening brush.

Let’s break it down for you.

This baby does everything your favourite brush and hair straightener do, except with half the effort and half the time. It’s one of those rare 2-in-1 hair appliances that actually works to give you smooth, frizz-free and shiny hair. Not to mention, it works on any hair type - yeah you heard right. Thick, frizzy, thin, or curly hair, this hot brush can tame it all.

With its curved design, the Dafni hair straightening brush can get close to the roots while also letting you straighten your hair in large sections. It heats up to a toasty 185 degrees celsius that stays constant with every brush stroke too, which means no damage, no singeing and perfect straight hair every time. By not using your traditional flat iron as much and replacing it with this hot brush, your hair gets healthier, stronger and shinier.



How to use it

Using the Dafni hair straightening brush is actually pretty simple. Whether you want to add a little kink to get flowing, wavy hair or you want to run over your second day hair, this hot brush is your go-to.

  1. Ensure your hair is dry.
  2. Prep and protect your hair with Dafni’s hair care - in particular, their Guardian Angel Hair Protecting Spray.
  3. If you have thicker hair, you’ll want to separate your hair into sections. As you glide the brush through your hair (as you would usually do), make sure your hair penetrates deep into the bristles. You can also stretch your hair out with your other hand like you would with a flat iron too.
  4. Brush slowly, and straighten from the root to the end of your hair.
  5. Apply the Dafni Shine Hero for extra softness, to reduce static and add hydration.

At Oz Hair & Beauty, we don’t believe in picking favourites (because let’s be honest, we couldn’t choose between these two hair straightening brushes even if you made us). There’s no doubt that the ghd Glide Professional Hot Brush is an amazing hair styler, but you can never go wrong with an original either. Whichever you choose, you’ll be getting effortless, silky tresses within minutes - trust us.

Shop the full Dafni collection online and get the Dafni hair straightening brush in your life today.

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Caitlin Whan on May 22, 2019