Introducing the Eye of Horus Brow Sculpting Clay: The key to perfect eyebrows

Introducing the Eye of Horus Brow Sculpting Clay: The key to perfect eyebrows

Introducing the Eye of Horus Brow Sculpting Clay: The key to perfect eyebrows

It’s no secret the beauty world is obsessed with achieving the perfect eyebrows - or getting them #onfleek. From being penciled in, tweezered, tinted, tattooed and set with brow gels, our brows have been through a lot. But, if you’ve been dreaming of bold, luscious ‘just woke up like this’ eyebrows - think Kaia Gerber, Cara Delavigne or Emilia Clarke - we’ve got the brand for you, and it’s Eye of Horus.

We introduced you to this gorgeous and iconic makeup line last month in our blog, but we just couldn’t resist talking about them again. Especially since they’ve just released their new Brow Sculpting Clay. With roots back in ancient Egyptian beauty rituals, this little magic makeup tool gives bold, va va voom brows in an instant. Want to see how easy it is to get textured and perfectly shaped eyebrows? We’ll show you.

Think bold, thick brows that make a statement

Eye of Horus’ Brow Sculpting Clay is enriched with nourishing Kaolin clay and key botanicals - inspired by the ancient Egyptian’s own use of clay in their hair/skin care routines. Ancient Abyssinian oil is also infused into the clay, a natural seed oil that is incredibly moisturising and amazing for your skin and hair.

Complementing the Eye of Horus’ iconic Brow Suite, the Brow Sculpting Clay is dual ended for a convenient, easy to apply and bold application. On one end, you’ll find the fine angled brush and on the other, a pot of the precious infused Kaolin clay brow blend. When applied, the clay formula dries waterproof, leaving eyebrows feeling soft and natural, while having maximum control. The Brow Sculpting Clay is available in three universal shades: light, medium and dark.

Plus it’s paraben-free, fragrance-free, vegan friendly and cruelty free - basically, it’s completely free from any nasties and it’s makeup that’s actually good for your skin. Which means you’ll effortlessly get perfect eyebrows and your skin will thank you for it.

How to get perfect eyebrows with Brow Sculpting Clay

We’re all about that natural brow look, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fill in your eyebrows to give them more texture and definition. You’d be surprised at how much a pair of sculpted eyebrows will change your makeup look - we guarantee you’ll feel the same way after you’ve just gotten a new tan.

Our top tips:

  • Using the Brow Sculpting Clay is simple. First, use a spoolie brush to comb any of your stray hairs upwards and outwards (especially any long hairs that often fall out of place).
  • Dip the tapered brush into the Kaolin clay and start to ‘paint’ it onto your brow shape, following the natural shape of your eyebrow hairs.
  • Focus more so on the middle part of your brow and on your eyebrow arch (the point where your eyebrow bends) as you fill it in. Don’t go too heavy on the inner corners of your brow - leaving these hairs a little lighter gives you more of a natural, gradient look.
  • To sleek and tame down your brow hairs, just brush over them with the Universal Brow Lash Serum.

Voila! You’ve got bold, sculpted definition that lasts all day and into the night.

Getting lusciously thick, perfect eyebrows that any makeup artist will envy is almost too easy with Eye of Horus’ Brow Sculpting Clay.

Becoming just as obsessed as we are with this brand? We thought so. Go ahead and check out the rest of the Eye of Horus range of brow pencils, mascaras and makeup tools so you can awaken the Goddess within. Shop at Oz Hair & Beauty and buy with Afterpay today!

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